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Rucha Deshpande

Rucha Deshpande

QA Consultant, Scilife

With 11+ years in pharmaceuticals, Rucha brings expertise in quality, excellence, and data intelligence to uphold top-notch standards in manufacturing and drive industry advancement through Quality by Design.

In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of pharmaceuticals, ensuring the highest standards of quality is paramount. Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance (QA) leaders face a myriad of challenges in maintaining compliance, minimizing risks, and delive...

Data Quality… it's not a Goal, it’s a Mindset! Despite investing huge amounts of money in setting up data collection and storage infrastructure, many companies are insight-starved, experience data leaks and are unable to formulate a Data Quality plan...

What Is a Non-Conformance Report? A non-conformance report is a document that explains a deviation from the anticipated outcome of a process or product. Some examples of events in the Life Sciences that may call for a non-conformance report are:

As the life sciences are digitalizing at an unprecedented scale and rate, data lifecycle management is becoming increasingly important. The two major factors driving this rapid and close-to-universal digitalization are Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 p...

Nobody knows the importance of 'Quality Records Management' better than a quality assurance professional! Quality records are invariably scrutinized in every internal or external audit. These documents are treated as living evidence of organizational...

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