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Kathy Walsh

Practical strategies to boost your QMS document compliance

One of the most common audit findings is ‘missing procedure’, ‘inaccurate procedure’ and ‘procedure not followed’. Join Dr. Kathy Walsh as she delves into the prevalent issues observed at various stages of company growth. Gain valuable insights to enhance document compliance through the implementation of user-friendly processes, efficient systems, and productive personnel habits. 




Ricky A. Chase

CAPAs, events, and change control: Unlocking the potential for continuous quality improvement

In the Life Sciences industry, actions such as CAPAs, Change Controls, Deviations, and Non-conformities are too often perceived as stumbling blocks. These necessary but complex tasks are typically viewed as burdens that add to the intricacies of the industry.

In this groundbreaking session, join industry expert Ricki A. Chase as we shift our lens and reimagine these processes, not as burdens, but as catalysts for continuous improvement.

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Bodo Brocks

Managing Quality Risks in Life Sciences. Case Study: Switch from paper based to electronic QMS

Risks are omnipresent and come along with any change in systems and processes, but they can also be turned into opportunities. Join us and Bodo Brocks in this immersive case study to delve deeper into a significant change in the company-wide quality system, with the ultimate goal to harmonize all quality-related processes, supported by a state-of-the-art quality risk management strategy

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Angela Bazigos

GAMP: From theory to action in compliance management

Understanding GAMP guidelines is one thing, but seamlessly integrating them into your daily routines and tasks is another. Join us in this interactive session with Angela Bazigos where we take the 'complex' out of 'compliance.' She'll guide you through simple, yet effective steps you can take to incorporate these guidelines at the core of your processes. 

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Dr. Florian Zischka

How quality in MedTech became a driver of financial performance

Join us for an enlightening and insightful discussion with Dr. Florian Zischka, a senior leader at Deloitte, as he delves into the impact of Quality on financial performance in MedTech. You'll discover the significance of transitioning from a document-focused enterprise to one that is intrinsically data and process-driven. Learn how intertwining your business process with organizational structure can unlock unprecedented efficiencies and improvements.

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Galit Lisaey

Integrity of Quality and the Quality of Data Integrity

Join us for a remarkable session with Galit Lisaey. Galit will delve into the role of data integrity in maintaining product quality and the importance of inter-departmental collaboration, especially the IT department, for successful implementation of industry requirements. You will also learn about fostering an organizational culture that supports these principles. This talk is a must-attend for those seeking to deepen their understanding of data integrity and its influence on product quality. 

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Joseph Turton

Implementing Risk-Based Approaches to Computerized System Validation

Join us for an insightful journey with Joseph Turton as we demystify the intricacies of risk-based Computerized System Validation (CSV). Dive deep into the practicalities of implementing this approach, underlining its pivotal role in optimizing resources while safeguarding product quality and compliance. Delve into the criticality of inter-departmental collaboration as a cornerstone for the successful rollout of risk-centric validation strategies. This session is a beacon for those poised to chart a course toward effective and efficient CSV strategies.

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Cesc & Carla


Cesc Muñoz & Carla Peraferrer

Leverage your audits towards digital transformation

Immerse yourself in this enlightening session, led by Cesc Muñoz Calahorra, Head of Quality at Qualifyze, and Carla Peraferrer Hereu, VP of Quality at Qualifyze. Discover how robust audits can fuel digital transition and smarter quality practices. Learn how to link audits with compliance data and why digital tools are indispensable in this process. Take away practical strategies to elevate your audit methods, streamline data collection, and propel your digital future forward.

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Lesley Worthington

Driving quality culture: The power of your people

What is a Quality Culture and how do we build one? Join leadership coach Lesley Worthington as she explores the human elements of quality. Discover how your organization can tranform a quality mindset that moves beyond compliance, creates trust with a shared vision, and promotes excellence. Incorporating the FDA's Quality Management Maturity and the new ISO standard, Leslie's talk will show how Smart Quality is the way forward.

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Angel & Rupert & Tinne


Round table

Best practices in Quality Management that will impact your business

Join us for an exclusive session where industry leaders will share their firsthand experiences, challenges, and best practices in Quality Management. This is a unique opportunity to hear it straight from the source - those who have walked the path and overcome the hurdles.

You'll gain actionable insights and concrete strategies to enhance your Quality Management processes. This session is a stepping stone towards transforming your Quality Management strategies, so don't miss out!

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