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Events and webinars

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Scilife Summit

Smart Quality Summit 2022

Oct 20, 2022 12:00 PM (CEST)

Are you ready to be part of the Re-Evolution of Quality?
Join other Quality and Life Sciences professionals to discover what’s behind the Smart Quality concept, and what are the latest emerging industry trends that are shifting the quality paradigm.


Technical Writing

Oct 27, 2022 11:00 AM (CET)

In this session, you will acquire:

  • Basic Knowledge to be able to write a technical text
  • Improvement of your technical writing skills
  • Do’s and don’ts of technical writing

On demand



Ace audits & inspections with Scilife

Ease all your audits and inspection processes! 

  • Learn how to gather all the required information in no time 
  • Manage supplier qualifications, supplier audits, internal audits, and incoming audits in just one place
  • Turn audits into a tool to foster continuous improvement, instead of a hassle


Scilife’s Equipment Management Solution

In this free workshop, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Equipment solution works, and you’ll learn how to keep all your qualifications, recurrent maintenance, and calibration tasks in order and up to date.


Live Webinar

How to build a Quality ecosystem in a Medical Device 3D Printing company?

Amnovis, a contract manufacturing company, will talk about achieving compliance and flexibility from day one, and going to market faster while cultivating an Innovation and Quality Ecosystem.


Live Webinar

Optimize your GMP processes with Scilife's Quality by Design solution

Andrea Di Luca, Ph.D. in Regenerative medicine and Team Leader of the ATMP core team at QbD, and Evan Claes, expert in the application of Quality-by-Design principles, will explain the basic concepts of the Quality by Design methodology will showcase a practical demonstration of the Scilife Quality by Design solution.


Ask Me Anything Webinar

AMA: Performing Risk Management under MDR/IVDR

Mika Siitonen, Medical Development Manager at Labquality, answers your questions about Risk Management under MDR/ IVDR, which has an impact on your quality system, medical device product, clinical evaluations, and much more.

Live Webinar

How to stop burnout, so work-life balance is a reality not a utopia?

But what is burnout? What are the triggers? Is it preventable and if so, how? Andrew Pain, TEDx / Keynote speaker, shares everything we need to know about burnout! 

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Competences Matrix: How to get the most out of your team

In this free workshop, Filip presents an efficient way of tracking the knowledge and skills of the teams with Scilife’s Competences functionality, which will allow you to invest your people in the tasks they do best.


Live Webinar

AI: The path to empower us to superhuman performance

Discover how the company Relu is adopting and implementing AI technologies, discover all about  market acceptance of AI applied to Life Sciences, and dive into the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.


Full configurability is now possible with Scilife's new Quality Process Designer

Sometimes, the standard workflows just don't cut it. Create totally custom workflows and cover the needs of virtually any quality-related process you might want to manage with our Quality Process Designer (QPD)  solution!


Live Webinar

Being the pioneer: Helius, the first medicinal cannabis company in NZ to be GMP certified

  • Challenges of being the first
  • Regulatory requirements of new market opportunities
  • Merging cannabis agriculture with pharma industry
  • Live Q&A session


Scilife Record Management solution: Get rid of your paper records and paper forms

Companies needs to create, fill out and store lots of forms and they are usually dense and dull. In this workshop, Filip presents a revolutionary way of creating and managing your records with our new Record Management solution.

Picture of Novosanis Colli-Pee to illustrate Scilife's webinar:

Live Webinar

Go-to-market strategy of a certified ISO13485 medical device

with Vanessa Vankerckhoven,
CEO and co-founder of Novosanis

  • Go-to-market strategy 
  • How to get ISO 13485 certified
  • Quality management in pre-market and post-market phases
  • Pre-acquisition vs post-acquisition
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KPI Module: How Scilife tackles KPIs to fuel growth

Real-time performance insights and historic trends at your fingertips! In this free webinar, Filip enlightens us on how to keep track of your quality processes while discovering areas for improvement within Scilife.

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Live Webinar

Customer Centric Approach: Quality as the backbone of BD in Healthcare

In this free Scilife webinar, Filip Heitbrink speaks with Marloes Seesing about Yusen Logistic's approach to successful business development by merging quality with sales.

Scilife's Module Change Control icon hand drawn to represent our workshop


Benefits of a Well-Executed Change Control Management

Filip goes through the fundamentals of our Scilife Change Control module, making sure your project and organization can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of a bad change control process.



CAPAs Module Workshop

In this free Scilife webinar, Filip Heitbrink explains the nuts and bolts of our Scilife CAPAs module and how to use it to effectively manage your CAPAs, followed by a Q&A session.


Live Webinar

Continuous Improvement in a fast-growing Medical Device company

With Amanda Amell 

Enjoy the expertise of Amanda Amell, QA expert at Shoebox, who will explain the Continuous Improvement Framework, the main challenges and the Shoebox case study.

Hand drawn magnifier with a cross to represent our Scilife Events Module Workshop


Events Module Workshop

In this one-hour session, our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains the nuts and bolts of our Scilife Events module, and how to use it like a pro to effectively manage your deviations & nonconformities. Followed, as usually, by a live Q&A session. 

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AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinar

Quality Systems, Computer System Validation (CSV), and Data Integrity

With Yves Dène

An interactive Q&A webinar with Yves Dène, Knowledge Manager at QbD, that answers all your questions about how to reach an embedded quality system and ensure data integrity.

Illustration of a cloud in pink background to illustrate data security concept in cloud-based applications | Scilife


Data security
of a cloud-based application in
Life Sciences

With Amazon (AWS)

We’re thrilled that Patrick Lamplé, the expert on data security in the life sciences sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), joined Filip Heitbrink in this webinar to share his valuable insights on the subject.

Hand drawn illustration of a paper with buttons on it to illustrate Document control concept for our Document control and trainings workshop


Document Control +
Trainings Modules Workshop

New Scilife features

Our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains how these two handy modules can help you set up a fully compliant Document Control system and training matrix for your team.



Risk Assessment Solution Workshop

Scilife has a new module! Finally, risk management is made a whole lot simpler, as well as accessible by everyone; manage the full risk assessment process, link risk assessments to deviations, non-conformities, CAPAs, or audits, customise the module and set up periodic review notifications.