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Key considerations for SaaS eQMS validation

In this free session, Angel Buendia, Scilife’s Knowledge Manager, andAngela Bazigos, CEO at LEADER Compliance Consulting, will discuss the critical aspects of validating SaaS eQMS systems. They will cover SaaS validation to comply with GaMP5 requirements, the expected deliverables, and the roles and responsibilities of your company versus the vendor.

Achieve excellence with effective auditing

In this free session, we will offer expert insights into effective auditing in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Discover the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, understand essential auditor qualifications, and delve into case studies on GMP, GDP, and other critical areas.

Activando la Transformación Digital en la Gestión de Calidad con Scilife

Es crucial avanzar hacia este cambio para mejorar la eficiencia, reducir costes y asegurar el cumplimiento normativo. Únete a nosotros en esta sesión gratuita donde exploraremos cómo la transformación digital puede revolucionar la gestión de calidaden la industria.

Take your employee training program to the next level with Scilife

Discover how a Smart QMS can help you: 

1_Monitor employee training progress and performance

2_Ensure compliance and traceability

3_Automate training management and streamline onboarding and role transitions


Secrets to Getting Your Team to Write User-Friendly Documents

In this free session, Dr Kathy Walsh, Principal Consultant and Founder of Quality Systems Now, will offer a practical guide to transforming your QMS documents from a company liability to a plain language company asset. She will teach you to implement a plain language writing framework that will immediately improve the quality of your procedural documents.

Facing 21 CFR Part 211 Warning Letter citations with Scilife

Discover how a Smart QMS can help you: 

1_Streamline discrepancy recording and root cause analysis

2_Simplify drafting, review, approval, and application of procedures

3_Empower your workforce with essential equipment maintenance skills


Unlocking the Power of Critical Thinking in CSV

In this free session, Joseph Turton, QA Manager and CSV Specialist at The Knowlogy delivers an insightful examination of the application of critical thinking throughout the CSV lifecycle. He delves into how critical thinking enhances regulatory navigation, ensures data integrity, addresses challenges in CSV, and offers practical techniques for its integration into validation processes. 

Navigating FDA's QMSR Final Rule with Scilife

The new FDA Quality Management System Regulation (QMSR) and its alignment with the ISO 13485 standard opens up a new era for medical device companies which will require them to make important updates to maintain compliance and work more efficiently.

In this free session, you’ll see a real industry example of how Scilife smart QMS can enable your organization to navigate QMSR topics with ease.


Master Internal Audits with Scilife

Internal audits are a perfect opportunity to build a continuous improvement culture within the organization, but they are usually quite time-consuming for teams and end up representing a burden.

In this free session, you’ll see a real example of how Scilife smart QMS simplifies the overall process to improve and ease your audit management. 


Scilife Document Control: The Ultimate Document Management Solution for Life Sciences companies

In this free session, you’ll see a real example of how Scilife’s Document Control solution works. You’ll learn how to easily manage all the documents within your organization, customize and streamline approval cascades, and keep a clear audit trail.


How to write design and development inputs to meet ISO 13485 requirements

In this free session, Peter Sebelius (CEO and Founder of Medical Device HQ) offers a practical guide to developing requirements in the medical device sector. He explores the crucial role of clearly defined requirements and strong design inputs in guaranteeing adherence to regulations and the accomplishment of effective product development.

Quality Management Review Made Easy with Scilife

The Quality Management Review is a formal process for assessing the performance of a company's quality management system (QMS). This process is essential for any QA department.
In this Showcase, we will go through the main contents of a Quality Management Review Report, and demonstrate how Scilife can help you streamline its preparation.

Quality and Compliance

In this training, Rodrigo Nasif, Director of Pharmware, will uncover how the synergy between quality and regulatory compliance is critical to the success and sustainability of any organization. Watch the recording and discover practical strategies backed by real cases to learn how to optimize your processes and make more informed decisions!

The 5 Keys to Earn ISO 13485 Certification with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll see a real example of how Scilife eQMS works. You’ll learn how to improve your document management systemwhile protecting data integrity, manage your internal and vendors’ audits more effectively, and perform risk assessments, to get your company ready for ISO 13485 certification. 

Boost your GMP change management process with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll see a real example of how Scilife Change Control Management solutionworks. You’ll learn how to evaluate, approve, and implement changes to cope with regulatory updates, implement continuous improvement initiatives, and adapt to novel technologies. 

Best Practices and Soft Skills for Auditing Training

In this free training with Carla Peraferrer, Vice President of Quality at Qualifyze, and Jordi Ferrando, Quality Manager & Auditor at Qualifyze, we’ll delve into auditing best practices and key soft skillsthrough four case studies to gain comprehensive knowledge to nail your upcoming audits.

Simplify the process of implementing GDP requirements withScilife Smart QMS

In this free session, you’ll see a real-world example of how Scilife Smart QMS works. You'll learn how to implement the GDP principles, rules, and criteria in your quality management system. 

Simplify the Maintenance process with Scilife Equipment Management Software

In this free session, you’ll see a real-world example of how Scilife’s Equipment ManagementSoftware works. You'll learn how to use it to simplify the maintenance process, by creating and managing recurring maintenance and calibration programs.

Unlocking Digital Transformation for Quality Management

In this free Scilife Showcase, we look at the challenges and benefits of going fully digital. Our real-life case study showcases Scilife's approach to digital transformation. Learn how our innovative digital solutions can boost productivity by up to 40%. With 80% of Life Science companies lagging behind in digitalization, this is your chance to get ahead of the game!

Avoid compliance failure with Scilife’s Print & Reconciliation Solution

In this free session, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Print & Reconciliation solution works, you’ll learn how to use the barcode system, and how to set up an approved printer network to have control over your prints and follow data integrity requirements. 

Learn how to optimize your trial processes with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s centralized quality processes and its risk-based approach will help you manage quality throughout all stages of the clinical trial process. 

Avoiding Common cGMP Pitfalls with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll discover the main errors in cGMP environments and a use case of how to avoid inadequate deviation investigations & poor root cause analysis with Scilife. 

Removing Audit Stress with Scilife Audits Management Software

In this free session, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Audits Management software works, you’ll learn how to go through any audit process, and how to mitigate finding by linking Audits’ solution with CAPAs, quality events, or change management.

Handling key GDP requirements with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll see a real-world example of how Scilife Smart QMS works. You'll learn how to implement the GDP principles, rules, and criteria in your quality management system.

Empower GLP Compliance with Scilife

Discover how Scilife can help you implement the GLP rules and criteria in your quality management system.

Don't let the complexities of GLP impede your progress, and learn how to navigate this terrain!


Unlock Digital Transformation for Quality Management with Scilife

Discover how Scilife’s Smart Quality Platform can revolutionize your organization's digital capabilities and improve productivity!

Learn how to optimize your trials with Scilife to make your next sponsor’s audit a breeze!

Discover how Scilife can improve your clinical trial processes and help you succeed in your sponsor's audit!

Smart Quality: The New Paradigm

Discover how Smart Qualityempowers Life Sciences organizations to increase productivity and speed in Quality Assurance processes by up to 40% and reduce the total Cost of Quality by up to 50%!
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Documents & Records

In this free workshop, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Document Control & Records Management software works, you’ll learn how to overcome the challenge of optimizing your document management to keep it centralized and clean, and how to easily create customizable and digital forms to avoid unnecessary data.
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Smart Quality: the backbone of continuous improvement

Only available for registrants

In this webinar, Evgeniya Makarova enlightened us with the introduction of the Smart Quality approach, a new way of understanding Quality that involves automated and digitized processes and procedures, design-thinking, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics, to empower a Quality and Continuous Improvement culture. 

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How to leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the Life Sciences industry

In this talk, Sami Nas provides an overview of the Natural Language Processing discipline, answer why it is needed in the Life Sciences, and showcase specific use cases of how it can improve efficiency and effectiveness.
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Master-Class Artificial Intelligence Validation Consideration - AI/ML

In this webinar, Jonathan Boel dives into the key aspects around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Regulations, such as the different initiatives proposed by international authorities, the objectives, requirements, and impact of the regulations, and the validation considerations for both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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Software as a Medical Device

Software as a Medical Device, Medical Device Software, Software in a Medical Device… All these concepts can end up being confusing. In this Ask Me Anything Session, Mika Siitonen clears up all the related questions from our audience.
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Everything you want to know about CAR-T

In this Ask Me Anything Session, Lieve De Wolf solves all the questions of the audience around the types of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, the classification and the manufacturing process, and the regulatory framework.
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Six ways the metaverse will help shape the future of pharma

In this webinar, Robin Kerbel, CEO & Co-Founder at Six Degrees Medical, and Carolyn Whiting, EVP, Strategy & Innovation at Six Degrees Medical, have an interactive discussion dissecting case studies and summarizing how Pharma, Biotech and Medical device companies can make an impact in the metaverse, through quality training and interactions with stakeholders.

Learn about fundraising as a Pharma or MedTech company

In this webinar, Franziska Stemmler, Chief Operating Officer at Hemex, shares with us what we need to take into account when we’re facing a fundraising process (the most important actions to take before, during, and after fundraising) and general dos and don’ts.

Print & Reconciliation Solution Workshop

In this free workshop, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Print & Reconciliation solution works, you’ll learn how to overcome the challenge of printing and reconciling in a regulated environment, keeping Data Integrity, and being fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Ace audits & inspections with Scilife

1_Learn how to gather all the required information in no time
2_Manage supplier qualifications, supplier audits, internal audits, and incoming audits in just one place
3_Turn audits into a tool to foster continuous improvement, instead of a hassle

Scilife’s Equipment Management Solution

In this free workshop, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Equipment solution works, and you’ll learn how to keep all your qualifications, recurrent maintenance, and calibration tasks in order and up to date.

How to build a Quality ecosystem in a Medical Device 3D Printing company?

Amnovis, a contract manufacturing company, will talk about achieving compliance and flexibility from day one, and going to market faster while cultivating an Innovation and Quality Ecosystem.

Scilife Competences Functionality Workshop

In this free workshop, you’ll see a demo of the Scilife Competences Functionality, and you’ll learn the importance of tracking competences and skills within the company, how to define a competences matrix in 2 easy steps, how competences can be integrated with Scilife Trainingsand how to define your CV form, ensuring uniformity, updated by employees themselves.

AMA: Performing Risk Management under MDR/IVDR

Mika Siitonen, Medical Development Manager at Labquality, answers your questions about Risk Management under MDR/ IVDR, which has an impact on your quality system, medical device product, clinical evaluations, and much more.

How to stop burnout, so work-life balance is a reality not a utopia?

But what is burnout? What are the triggers? Is it preventable and if so, how? Andrew Pain, TEDx / Keynote speaker, shares everything we need to know about burnout!

Competences Matrix: How to get the most out of your team

In this free workshop, Filip presents an efficient way of tracking the knowledge and skills of the teams with Scilife’s Competences functionality, which will allow you to invest your people in the tasks they do best.

AI: The path to empower us to superhuman performance

Discover how the company Relu is adopting and implementing AI technologies, discover all about  market acceptance of AI applied to Life Sciences, and dive into the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.

Ensure Data Integrity of Printed Documents with Scilife

In this free session, you’ll see a practical demonstration of how Scilife’s Print & Reconciliation solution works, you’ll learn how to use the barcode system, how to set up an approved printer networkto have control over your prints and follow data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Being the pioneer: Helius, the first medicinal cannabis company in NZ to be GMP certified

1_Challenges of being the first

2_Regulatory requirements of new market opportunities

3_Merging cannabis agriculture with pharma industry

4_Live Q&A session


Scilife Record Management solution: Get rid of your paper records and paper forms

Companies needs to create, fill out and store lots of forms and they are usually dense and dull. In this workshop, Filip presents a revolutionary way of creating and managing your records with our new Record Management solution.

Go-to-market strategy of a certified ISO13485 medical device

With Vanessa Vankerckhoven,
CEO and co-founder of Novosanis

1_Go-to-market strategy

2_How to get ISO 13485 certified

3_Quality management in pre-market and post-market phases

4_Pre-acquisition vs post-acquisition


KPI Module: How Scilife tackles KPIs to fuel growth

Real-time performance insights and historic trends at your fingertips! In this free webinar, Filip enlightens us on how to keep track of your quality processes while discovering areas for improvement within Scilife.

Customer Centric Approach: Quality as the backbone of BD in Healthcare

In this free Scilife webinar, Filip Heitbrink speaks with Marloes Seesing about Yusen Logistic's approach to successful business development by merging quality with sales.

Benefits of a Well-Executed Change Control Management

Filip goes through the fundamentals of our Scilife Change Control module, making sure your project and organization can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of a bad change control process.

Scilife CAPAs Module Workshop

In this free Scilife webinar, Filip Heitbrink explains the nuts and bolts of our Scilife CAPAs module and how to use it to effectively manage your CAPAs, followed by a Q&A session.

Continuous Improvement in a fast-growing Medical Device company

With Amanda Amell 

Enjoy the expertise of Amanda Amell, QA expert at Shoebox, who will explain the Continuous Improvement Framework, the main challenges and the Shoebox case study.


Scilife Events Module Workshop

In this one-hour session, our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains the nuts and bolts of our Scilife Events module, and how to use it like a pro to effectively manage your deviations & nonconformities. Followed, as usually, by a live Q&A session.

Data security of a cloud-based application in Life Sciences

With Amazon (AWS)

We’re thrilled that Patrick Lamplé, the expert on data security in the life sciences sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS), joined Filip Heitbrink in this webinar to share his valuable insights on the subject.


Document Control +Trainings Modules Workshop

New Scilife features

Our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains how these two handy modules can help you set up a fully compliant Document Control system and training matrix for your team.


Risk Assessment Solution Workshop

Scilife has a new module! Finally, risk management is made a whole lot simpler, as well as accessible by everyone; manage the full risk assessment process, link risk assessments to deviations, non-conformities, CAPAs, oraudits, customise the module and set up periodic review notifications.

Quality Systems, Computer System Validation (CSV), and Data Integrity

With Yves Dène

An interactive Q&A webinar with Yves Dène, Knowledge Manager at QbD, that answers all your questions about how to reach an embedded quality system and ensure data integrity.


One Woman’s Journey into Science and Tech

with Lučka Bibič

In this Q&A session with Lučka Bibič, you’ll discover how gamification can be used to improve quality within the Life Sciences, how scientific research was turned into a VR game, and how women can overcome the challenges they face in science and tech. 


Master your IVD Complaint Management with Scilife

Implementing a solid Complaint Management System directly impacts the safety of your IVD during post-market surveillance!
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Smart Quality mindset in your organization.

Filip Heitbrink showcases a practical example of how the transformative Smart Quality approach can be implemented in a Quality Management platform such as Scilife, to help Life Sciences companies engage the whole organization with Quality and turn it into a catalyst for value creation instead of a cost of doing business.
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