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Join the people who are lighting the way for Smarter Quality.
Our mission? To improve quality in Life Sciences companies, and ultimately, the life of millions of patients!
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Curious about Scilife? 

Imagine a platform where quality acts as a catalyst for generating value for both people and organizations. That’s exactly what we do at Scilife. Founded in 2017, Scilife is a leading SaaS innovator in quality management solutions. But it's not just about what we do – it's about who we truly are. Learn more about our incredible teams:
Team growth | Scilife

Our crew has grown x20

We’re a diverse and global bunch, scattered around the globe from India and Spain to Ireland, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and the US.

Remote Jobs | Scilife

We work 100% remote

We want great people to work with us. That's why we value talent over location. If you're seeking a workplace that welcomes big ideas, then Scilife is the place for you.

Agile culture | Scilife

Getting things done

At Scilife, we champion a 'doer' culture. Our agile culture empowers you to adapt quickly, take decisive action and bring ideas to fruition.

Transparent culture | Scilife

We are truth-seekers

We value transparency and provide open access to information for everyone, fostering a shared understanding of truth and enabling autonomous work.

We're Scilife

Getting to know us better

At Scilife, we are driven by the belief that technology can make a positive impact on the world, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our vision. 

Picture yourself at Scilife

You’ll love working here. With a dynamic and inclusive work culture, Scilife is the perfect place to grow your career. You'll be surrounded by talented individuals who are passionate about their work and committed to achieving great things together. So, are you ready to join us and experience the Scilife vibe for yourself? 


Image of the Manual Thinking team building in Barcelona | Scilife
Image of a team building in India | Scilife
Image of Trine's work-anniversary | Scilife
Photo of the team building in Athens | Scilife
Jordi and Robert in the team building in Athens | Scilife
Photo of the Scilife merchandising
Photo of the Europe team in the Athens' team building | Scilife
Photo of the team building in Athens | Scilife
Filip and Alex in the team building in Valencia | Scilife
Team building in India | Scilife
Team building in Valencia | Scilife
Dolors, Trine, Maripaz and Eli in the team building in Valencia | Scilife
India team in a team building | Scilife
India team together in a team building | Scilife
Europe team in a Summer team building in Barcelona | Scilife

Join a trusted, flexible team

We're not just creating a workplace; we're crafting a vibrant community where awesome people (yes, we mean you) can shine and achieve their very best. These scores symbolize our unwavering focus on trust, transparency, teamwork, and embracing flexibility. 
Badge that certifies Scilife as a Great Place To Work | Scilife

Great Place to Work

Badge that certifies Scilife as a Truly Flexible Company | Scilife



Discover what it's like to be a candidate at Scilife

Are you thinking about sending in your résumé? Wondering about Scilife's recruiting process? Interested in the perks and benefits of working at Scilife? 

We have different processes depending on the position we are hiring for. But these are the common steps we follow in every interview process: 

  1. Screening round and introduction via a short video call with HR (for us to know you better and evaluate culture fit. You will also learn more about how we work).
  2. Interview with Hiring Manager (Technical Interview): A call with the team lead to share more details about the team you’ll be working with, while diving deeper into your technical background and experience.
  3. Practical Assignment (Assignment is as per position).
  4. Final call with the CEO of Scilife.
  5. Final offer.

Our interview process typically lasts between 2 to 3 weeks, ensuring we have ample time to get to know each candidate and find the perfect fit for our team.

As we have entities in the United States,Belgium, Spain, and India, candidates will receive offers/contracts through our HR.

Where we do not have a legal entity, our external HR of that particular location acts as our employer of record in those countries and manages employment agreements, as well as payroll and benefits for employees. Scilife also provides the option of self employed (Full time freelancer).

Scilife believes in hiring people who believe in our mission and who want to be part of our goal. For us, before anything else, the candidate should be excited about our project.

Scilife is a 100% remote company. We are growing across the globe and we hire people wherever they are. Currently we are in India, Europe and the USA. We have an open culture where no matter what position you are in, your inputs are valuable. Everyone works according to their time zone but still is connected with each other with tools like zoom, google meets, slack etc.

Absolutely! Scilife  organizes several events throughout the year where Scilifers can meet up with their other team members, which includes brainstorming sessions, conferences, some fun meetups, the Scilife Summit, and more.

Scilife, a Belgium-based organization with headquarters in Belgium, extends its reach across the globe with entities in Spain, the USA, and India.

At Scilife, we offer more than just a job. Joining our team means gaining access to:
  • A fully remote working environment
  • Learning and development (Scilife Library )
  • Company retreats, team retreats and virtual gatherings
  • Joining Kit/goodies 
  • Birthday treats
  • Laptop and additional assets like extra screens as per position needs.
  • Other benefits location wise. 
  • Domestic/ International travel during team buildings.

Scilife has a flexible vacation policy .You are entitled for the leaves as per your laws of location but even if the balance is used up to 100% you can still have vacation days without deduction on the following conditions:

  1. Your leave is not negatively impacting the customer.
  2. Your leave is not negatively impacting their work, projects or colleagues.
  3. Your leave has been organized and communicated in advance to their manager.

At Scilife we believe that binding people with rigid policies will not bring productivity. Our goal is to have a free working environment where you are assessed by your work, not by the number of hours you work.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to manage your schedule and stay on top of your to-do list, all while staying within your own time zone.

Photo that represents the opportunity to join the Scilife team

Want to be part of our team?

We believe that everyone has something unique to offer, and we want to help you discover where your individual talents and passions can make a lasting mark. Whether you are a software engineer, a designer, a marketer, or anything in between, we invite you to join us in creating something amazing. 

Don't see a role that fits your skills? No problem! We welcome you to reach out and let us know what you bring to the table and why Scilife is the perfect place for you. So what are you waiting for? Come be a part of something truly extraordinary.



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