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Career Opportunities

Driven, bright, and creative?
Climb on board the Scilife rocket!

Customer Success Representative


Do you feel accomplished when customers are happy and reach their goals? Do you enjoy engaging with customers and ensuring healthy long-lasting relationships with these? Do you feel happy when you help someone who is struggling with technology? Does working in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Devices industries excite you?

Sales Development Representative


Do you like to talk and interact with people every day? Are you happy providing technology solutions to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industry? Do you speak English fluently?



Are you passionate about providing technological solutions to Life Sciences companies? Do you feel excited to contribute to the company’s revenue goals? Do you speak English fluently?

Senior Developer


Do you like to write clean and comprehensible code? Does it make you happy to talk to your teammates about solutions to technical challenges every day? Are you impressed with simple and elegant solutions that solve mind-boggling problems?

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100% Remote,
but still in good company

Location shouldn’t limit potential! That’s why we are a remote-first company. We’re a global bunch, scattered around the globe from Jodhpur to Antwerp and from Barcelona to Miami. Even though we’re all in different time zones, we make sure to stay connected through work chats and video calls (because sometimes talking to the cat just doesn’t cut it!). Pandemic permitting, we host country-based team-building outings and a once-a-year company get together. What’s more, even though we’re office-free, we’ll set you up with all the hard - and software you need (hello, new laptop!) so that together we can blast off to great new heights!


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