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Rucha Deshpande

Rucha Deshpande

QA Consultant, Scilife

With 11+ years in pharmaceuticals, Rucha brings expertise in quality, excellence, and data intelligence to uphold top-notch standards in manufacturing and drive industry advancement through Quality by Design.

In the era of Quality 4.0, cloud cybersecurity has become a crucial concern for businesses. Many companies are exploring the impact of switching from on-premise Quality Management Systems (QMS) to cloud-based QMS. It is important to understand the di...

An eQMS is a digitalized Quality Management System where you can create, store, retrieve, and archive all of your company’s quality-related documents. In the context of a life sciences company, an eQMS also automates compliance requirements under 21 ...

Most pharma and MedTech companies have had digital transformation on their to-do list for quite some time. Unfortunately, only a few (roughly 20%) have actually pivoted from doing digital to being digital.

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