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Your Life Science allies

Our mission?
To help you help the world.

We design, develop and implement solutions to improve your quality, product, and processes. As your Life Science allies, our goal is to boost efficiency, performance, and compliance within your company to support your journey towards competitivity.


Our Scilife story

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Our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains our story and how we became Scilife.

A few years ago we began our story with QbD (A renowned Belgium-based Life Science consultancy firm), launching SaaS company QbD Software. We started off building custom projects, including one cloud-based QMS solution we called QualityKick. Thanks to the unprecedented popularity of this product we became known by its name. Things started to get confusing, who were we? QbD, QbD Software or QualityKick? It was time for a rebrand!

We’ve grown into much more than a QMS, and cater specifically to Life Science customers like you. Scilife was born! Our vision? To boost science and become allies of our Life Sciences customers, helping companies like yours ace audits, improve all processes (not just quality-related ones) and save time in your journey toward competitivity with our all-in-one platform.

Numbers that
make us happy


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What we stand for

What really counts is the why, not the what.
Our company is an interwoven collection of like-minded individuals, sharing core values that push us towards our common goal of boosting science and improving life.
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Healthy inside-out

We want to better lives through our solutions, and that starts within each of us. Our essence is balance: body, mind, and work are fully nurtured and healthy relationships predominate.

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Outside of the box

There are always creative answers to complex problems, and we make it our mission to find them. Our mindset is to get things done, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may at first seem.

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Driven by evidence

We’re in the Life Sciences arena for a reason. At our heart lies a deep affinity with science, numbers, and analytics. Our team is made up of a multitude of scientific, computer and data experts.

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All hearts and ears

Powerful is the one who listens. We’re receptive to your feedback and suggestions; striving to take care of your needs so you can focus on what truly matters; innovating life-saving solutions.

At the helm

An eclectic bunch with wide-ranging skills united by intellectual curiosity and a passion for creating truly innovative solutions
Hand drawn illustration of Jatin Dhoot, Product Manager of Scilife

Jatin Dhoot

Product Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Neeru Bakshi, QA Manager at Scilife

Neeru Bakshi

Chief Quality Officer

Hand drawn illustration of Dolors Teixidor, Marketing Manager at Scilife

Dolors Teixidor

Chief Growth Officer

Hand drawn illustration of Robert Sallo, Business Developer Manager at Scilife

Robert Sallo

Partnership Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Jyotsana Kandani, HR Manager at Scilife

Jyotsana Kandani

HR Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Trine Michelsen, Customer Success Manager at Scilife

Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Núria Broo, Management Support at Scilife

Núria Broo

Management Support


Marina Hoyos

Demand Manager


Angel Buendia

Knowledge Manager
Folded Black And White Hands to illustrate the supportive attitude of Scilife.

A healthy work-life balance at Scilife

Thanks to soaring demand by Life Sciences customers seeking our all-encompassing solution, we’re expanding at hyper-speed and serve a global market. We’re in a huge hiring push and need creative, skilled, and diverse talent on board.

We believe location shouldn’t limit potential. Our fast-growing team is scattered around the world, from Jodhpur to Antwerp and from Barcelona to Miami. Working 100% remote lets us all balance our work and personal lives so we can show up as our best selves and deliver results.


Excited to get on board? Our open positions are on our careers page