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Your Life Science Allies

Our mission?

To improve lives by supporting science.

At Scilife, we help people and organizations transform quality into a catalyst for value creation, making Smart Quality a culture.

Because when we all embrace quality, brilliant things happen! 

About us | Scilife

Our Scilife story

The 10th of May of 2017 marked the start of an amazing journey: Scilife was officially established! 

Today, Scilife is a growing company with more than 60 employees located in 10 different countries. We proudly serve hundreds of customers around the globe.

Timeline of the main events in the Scilife story | Scilife

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What we stand for

Our values are the lens through which we interpret the world.

We’re a union of like-minded individuals, who share core values that push us toward our common goal of boosting science and improving life.

Illustration that represents the value of "All hearts and ears" | Scilife

All hearts and ears

Powerful is the one who listens. We’re receptive to your feedback and suggestions; striving to take care of your needs so you can focus on what truly matters - innovating life-saving solutions.

Illustration that represents the value of "Healthy inside-out" | Scilife

Healthy inside-out

We want to improve lives through our solutions, and that starts within each of us. Our essence is balance: body, mind, and work are fully nurtured, and healthy relationships predominate.


Illustration that represents the value of "Driven by evidence" | Scilife

Driven by evidence

At our heart lies a deep affinity with science, numbers, and analytics. Our team is made up of a multitude of scientific, computer, and data experts.

Illustration that represents the value of "Outside of the box" | Scilife

Outside of the box

There are always creative answers to complex problems, and we make it our mission to find them. Our mindset is to get things done.

Our vision

"Our beliefs are not just principles. They are the living, breathing essence of Scilife.
They encapsulate who we are
and drive our ambition to
become a catalyst for scientific progress and a steadfast ally
to our Life Sciences customers."


Filip Heitbrink, CEO at Scilife


At Scilife, our beliefs are anchored in our unwavering commitment to bolstering science and enhancing the quality of life. They guide us as we navigate the intersection of innovation and discovery, ever-venturing into uncharted territories.

We are not satisfied with merely maintaining the status quo—we aim to disrupt it. Our essence thrives in our relentless pursuit of excellence, in our passion to transform lives through science, and in our daring to venture where no one else dares. 

At the helm

An eclectic bunch with wide-ranging skills united by intellectual curiosity and a passion for creating truly innovative solutions
Hand drawn illustration of Jatin Dhoot, Product Manager of Scilife

Jatin Dhoot

Product Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Neeru Bakshi, QA Manager at Scilife

Neeru Bakshi

Chief Quality Officer

Hand drawn illustration of Dolors Teixidor, Chief Growth Officer at Scilife

Dolors Teixidor

Chief Growth Officer

Hand drawn illustration of Robert Sallo, Data Manager at Scilife

Robert Sallo

Data Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Jyotsana Kandani, HR Manager India at Scilife

Jyotsana Kandani

HR Manager India

Hand drawn illustration of Trine Michelsen, Customer Success Manager at Scilife

Trine Michelsen

VP of Customer Success

Hand drawn illustration of Eefke Heitbrink, Finance Manager at Scilife

Eefke Heitbrink

Finance Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Marina Hoyos, Demand Manager at Scilife

Marina Hoyos

Demand Manager

Hand drawn illustration of Àngel Buendía, Knowledge Manager at Scilife

Àngel Buendia

Knowledge Manager
Hand drawn illustration of Elisabet González, VP of Growth at Scilife

Elisabet González

VP of Brand & Demand
Hand drawn illustration of Ana Peñas, HR Manager Europe at Scilife

Ana Peñas

HR Manager Europe

Hand drawn illustration of Liris Briceño, Brand Manager at Scilife

Liris Briceño

Brand Manager

Diversity, inclusion 
and belonging

It's not just about believing in diversity, but truly acting on it. At Scilife, diversity isn't an abstract concept for us—it's ingrained in our DNA.

With our team drawn from all corners of the globe, we form a vibrant tapestry of cultures, experiences, and perspectives. And we embrace our differences because they make us unique, regardless of gender, ancestry, ethnic origin, gender identity and expression, medical condition, or religion (or non-religion).

We firmly believe that when we're all in, we can truly make a difference. This is the ethos we strive to embed at every level of Scilife, guiding our actions, and shaping our culture.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging | Scilife
Image that represents the work-life balance | Scilife

A healthy work-life balance at Scilife

Thanks to soaring demand by Life Sciences customers seeking our all-encompassing solution, we’re expanding at hyper-speed and serve a global market. We’re in a huge hiring push and need creative, skilled, and diverse talent on board.

We believe location shouldn’t limit potential. Our fast-growing team is scattered around the world, from Jodhpur to Antwerp and from Barcelona to Miami. Working 100% remote lets us all balance our work and personal lives so we can show up as our best selves and deliver results.

Excited to get on board? Our open positions are on our Careers Page