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Smart Quality:
from cost to value catalyst

Quality is misunderstood. Outside of the QA, it's often seen as a burden and/or a cost of doing business. No wonder it’s so challenging to get everyone on board with quality actions!

It’s time for Smart Quality to light the way!

Smart Quality is a new approach that transforms quality from being an unavoidable (and boring!) regulation necessity into a catalyst for incredible business value.

Smart Quality inspires a mindshift in your entire organization, empowering them to take ownership of quality, transcend a compliance-only mentality, seize opportunities and reach peak performance.


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+ 27%

speed to launch

+ 90 %

employee productivity
when they are engaged

- 50%

of total QA cost

Ignite Smart Quality in your business

Scilife is the solution for Life Science companies to switch on Smart Quality. The platform fuses design-thinking, gamification and continuous learning with dynamic quality management tools and insightful data.

Here’s how it works:

Infographic that represents the Smart Quality Management Software concept and all its pillars: Advanced analytics, augmented learning, Gamification | Scilife

Sectors we support:

Ready for the bright future of (Smart) Quality?

Researcher in a lab with face mask as representation of 3p biopharmaceuticals quote for the quality platform for Medicinal Cannabis Scilife

"Scilife’s support is second to none in the market. Not only does the Scilife team react promptly to tickets, but the Scilife support team listens to my ideas and dedicates time to fixing every issue, improving the system as a whole."

Susana Santesteban Martínez
Head of Quality Assurance & Qualified Person in 3P Biopharmaceuticals.


‘Doing an audit with Scilife at your fingertips was amazing! Being able to pull up documents at a moment's notice and show them on the screen, showing them batch records and training records and how they are all linked. I think the auditors were just blown away at how easily we could navigate everything. They were just so impressed that it was so transparent!’

Keryn Davies,
Quality Manager at Helius

Amanda Amell's picture, quality assurance associate at Shoebox and a happy Scilife customer

‘A paper-based QMS is a major pain point for anyone. Having to do manual signoffs, maintaining paperwork, tracking missing updates, documents or trainings is a whole lot more time consuming. We used to pass paper along different people's desks and have to wait. With paper in general, there are associated risks.’

Amanda Amell,
Quality Assurance Associate at SHOEBOX

Picture of Sarah Vanrenterghem, head of Quality at Novitan, a happy Scilife customer

"Scilife offers all the required functionalities in a flexible, cloud-based package which complies with the GxP guidelines."

Sarah Vanrenterghem
Head of Quality at Novitan

Cellpoint members working to illustrate the quote of Neanke Bouwman, Director of Quality Assurance at CellPoint, a happy Scilife customer

‘We work with several remote partners and we need to provide them with up-to-date quality documents, Scilife serves as a great time-saver instead of sharing and managing controlled copies. As said, this is a key characteristic of Scilife that makes it possible at all for us to work the way we do.’

Neanke Bouwman,
Director of Quality Assurance at CellPoint

For Life Sciences by design

Dynamic software that adapts to your needs, not the other way round


Image that represents someone working with a Quality Management Software for Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech

Nurture a company-wide quality culture and continuous improvement

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Image that represents someone working with a Quality Management Software for CRO & CMO


Accelerate efficiency and meet trial deadlines

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Image that represents someone working with a Quality Management Software for Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

Overcome fast-changing regulations and accelerate your processes


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Image that represents someone working with a Quality Management Software for Medical Devices & IVD

Medical Devices

Bring to market safe and compliant high-quality Medical Devices


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Image that represents someone working with a Quality Management Software for ATMPsD


Standardize and track materials and manufacturing processes



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Embrace state of the (Sm)art Quality

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Our customer relationships are at the heart of what we do. After all, it’s you who inspires the evolution of Scilife. Recently, G2 acknowledged us as ‘Leader’ in the Pharma & Biotech category and awarded us the ‘Best Relationship’ badge, all thanks to your stellar customer reviews - so thank you for your recognition!



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