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Avoiding Common cGMP Pitfalls with Scilife


Learn how to manufacture high-quality products and comply with cGMP standards: 

  • Prevent the existence of communication silos within your organization
  • Easily deal with data integrity challenges
  • Identify and analyze root causes by collecting evidence during an investigation

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Overcome the challenge of being cGMP-compliant with Scilife

In this free session, Jordi Ametller (Lead Product Specialist), and Angel Buendía (Knowledge Manager) will uncover how Scilife helps you avoid cGMP issues by conducting a proper root cause analysis. 


What you’ll learn in this session:

  • Common pitfalls in cGMP environments
  • Use Case: How to avoid inadequate deviation investigations & poor root cause analysis
  • Scilife’s approach




Jordi Ametller

Lead Product Specialist
at Scilife


Angel Buendia

Knowledge Manager
at Scilife