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Audits Solution Workshop

Ease all your audits and inspection processes! 

  • Learn how to gather all the required information in no time 
  • Manage supplier qualifications, supplier audits, internal audits, and incoming audits in just one place
  • Turn audits into a tool to foster continuous improvement, instead of a hassle

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With Scilife’s Audits tool, always keep the necessary information centralized and accessible 

In this free workshop, Trine, Customer Success Manager at Scilife, and Angel, Knowledge Manager at Scilife, will show how to gather all the information to have it accessible at all times, and how to manage all types of audits and inspections from the same space. 


What you’ll learn in this session:

  • The challenges of paper-based audits
  • How to be inspection-ready at all times for incoming, outgoing, and internal audits with Scilife
  • How Scilife's Audits functionality integrates effortlessly with other functionalities like the Events, CAPAs, and Change Control functionalities, so all the relevant information is linked and easily accessible.




Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager
at Scilife


Angel Buendia

Knowledge Manager
at Scilife