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Competences Functionality Workshop

Optimize your resources!

  • Keep track of the increasing knowledge of your teams
    (new trainings, projects, certifications, etc.).
  • Know at all times who can do what within the company. 
  • Update CVs on file ready for audits. 

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With Scilife's Competences tool, the know-how of employees will be clear and searchable at all times

In this free workshop, Filip presents an efficient way of tracking the knowledge and skills of the teams with Scilife’s Competences functionality, which will allow you to invest your people in the tasks they do best.


What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of tracking competences and skills within the company
  • Define a competences matrix in 2 easy steps
  • How competences can be integrated with Scilife Trainings
  • Define your CV form: ensure uniformity of CVs, updated by employees themselves



Filip Heitbrink

at Scilife


Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager at Scilife