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The Re-Evolution of Quality

Smart Quality Summit 2022

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About the Summit

Last 20th of October, Quality and Life Sciences professionals got virtually together to



Re-think the future of Quality.


Re-connect with change boosters to drive the Quality transformation of your organization.


Re-imagine how big data and emerging technologies can help us build a better tomorrow.



Re-invent a Quality concept that fits real-life industry needs.

On Demand



Evgeniya Makarova

Partner at McKinsey & Company


Only available for registrants

Smart Quality:
the backbone of continuous improvement


In this webinar, Evgeniya Makarova enlighten us with the introduction of the Smart Quality approach, a new way of understanding Quality that involves automated and digitized processes and procedures, design-thinking, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics, to empower a Quality and Continuous Improvement culture. 



Filip Heitbrink

CEO at Scilife

Case Study

Smart Quality mindset in your organization


Filip Heitbrink showcases a practical example of how the transformative Smart Quality approach can be implemented in a Quality Management platform such as Scilife, to help Life Sciences companies engage the whole organization with Quality and turn it into a catalyst for value creation instead of a cost of doing business. 



Sami Nas

AI/Data Science in Healthcare and Life Sciences Specialist


How to leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the Life Sciences industry


In this talk, Sami Nas provide an overview of the Natural Language Processing discipline, answer why it is needed in the Life Sciences, and showcase specific use cases of how it can improve efficiency and effectiveness.



Robin Kerbel

CEO & Co-Founder at Six Degrees Medical

Carolyn Whiting

EVP, Strategy & Innovation at Six Degrees Medical


Six ways the metaverse will help shape the future of pharma


In this webinar, Robin Kerbel and Carolyn Whiting have an interactive discussion dissecting case studies and summarizing how Pharma, Biotech and Medical device companies can make an impact in the metaverse, through quality training and interactions with stakeholders.



Mika Siitonen

Medical Development Manager at Labquality

Ask Me Anything Session

Software as a Medical Device


Software as a Medical Device, Medical Device Software, Software in a Medical Device… All these concepts can end up being confusing. In this AMA Session, Mika Siitonen clears up all the related questions from our audience. 



Lieve De Wolf

External Quality Manager CAR-T & Advanced Therapies

Ask Me Anything Session

Everything you want to know about CAR-T


In this AMA Session, Lieve De Wolf solves all the questions of the audience around the types of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, the classification and the manufacturing process, and the regulatory framework. 



Jonathan Boel

Senior Project Manager at QbD

Master Class

Designing the future of regulatory innovation: Artificial Intelligence Validation Consideration - AI / ML

In this webinar, Jonathan Boel dives into the key aspects around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Regulations, such as the different initiatives proposed by international authorities, the objectives, requirements, and impact of the regulations, and the validation considerations for both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.