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Scilife's Events Module

Manage deviations
& Nonconformities

  • Challenges dealing with deviations & nonconformities
  • How Scilife's Events module tackles these challenges
  • How to extend the module to adapt it to your needs

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Scilife's Events Module Workshop

Unless an event, such as a deviation, nonconformity, or complaint, can be registered quickly, by anyone, it simply won’t get logged. That can lead to headaches later on.

In this one-hour session, our CEO Filip Heitbrink explains the nuts and bolts of our Scilife Events module, and how to use it like a pro to effectively manage deviations & nonconformities


Discussion Topics

  • Main challenges when dealing with quality events like deviations, non-conformities, and complaints.
  • Understanding how Scilife's Events module tackles these challenges out of the box.
  • Learn how you can extend the Events module with custom fields to adapt it to your own needs.
  • And much more.




Filip Heitbrink

at Scilife


Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager 
at Scilife