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In the era of Quality 4.0, cloud cybersecurity has become a crucial concern for businesses. Many companies are exploring the impact of switching from on-premise Quality Management Systems (QMS) to cloud-based QMS. It is important to understand the di...

An eQMS is a digitalized Quality Management System where you can create, store, retrieve, and archive all of your company’s quality-related documents. In the context of a life sciences company, an eQMS also automates compliance requirements under 21 ...

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Did you know that 80% of Life Sciences companies are lagging behind in digitalizing their core business? For some, paper documentation is still piling up. For others, their new digital solutions are not yet fully utilized.

What is Pharma 4.0? Pharma 4.0 is the trademark of an initiative from the International Society for Pharmaceutical engineering (ISPE). Pharma 4.0 refers to the use of Industry 4.0, also called Smart Factory technologies, to improve quality and effici...

Most pharma and MedTech companies have had digital transformation on their to-do list for quite some time. Unfortunately, only a few (roughly 20%) have actually pivoted from doing digital to being digital.

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