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What is Smart Quality

Envision a quality model that's proactive by design. Picture a paradigm where quality isn't viewed as a necessary burden, but rather, embraced as an instrumental catalyst for value creation.

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Illustration of a switch to turn on the Smart Quality light with Scilife Smart Quality Management Software | Scilife

Smart Quality Manifesto

From cost to value catalyst


As quality professionals in the ever-evolving Life Sciences domain, we recognize that our approach to quality must be far more than a mere box-ticking exercise. Rather, it should be an innovative, value-driven strategy that transcends regulatory compliance and sparks industry-leading change.

With Smart Quality, Life Sciences organizations are empowered to break the shackles of conventional quality standards, venturing beyond a 'cost-of-doing-business' mindset.

By empowering everyone in the organization to take ownership of quality, it instills a culture of engagement, responsibility, and reduced compliance risk. The result? Life Sciences organizations expedite their time to market by an impressive 30 percent and diminish their total quality assurance costs by a staggering 50 percent – thereby reducing the compliance burden and releasing key business resources to focus on higher-value tasks. It's time to reimagine the role of quality in your organization.


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How it works

Instill a Smart Quality Mindset
in Your Organization

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Creating value beyond “compliance-only”

What does the new Smart Quality reality look like?


Focus on higher-value tasks

Equipped with real-time data and insights, Life Sciences organizations can shift their attention from uninspiring, repetitive, and reactionary tasks to high-value work leading to product innovation and impactful improvements.


Everyone’s engaged - all the time!

Accessible data and user-friendly processes encourage everyone in the organization to integrate quality into their daily actions naturally, thereby reducing the compliance burden.


Steady value stream

Optimized systems and streamlined quality workflows catalyze value throughout the organization every day; reducing costs and shortages, saving resources, boosting release cycle times, powering production, and speeding up time to market. The impact? Improve patients’ lives.

The Status Quo (not so “smart”)

Illustration that represents the challenges that Quality departments face | Scilife


Where are Life Sciences companies today in their Smart Quality journey?

Quality, up until today, is often viewed as a necessary cost of doing business, something that is mandated by regulatory bodies but is otherwise not much more than an admin- and cost-heavy burden to the organization.

As a result, the grand scheme of things has remained invariable over time: complex requirements and reactive processes entirely upon defensive compliance strategies.

The Wake-up Call


In an increasingly digital, patient-experience, and insight-driven Life Sciences ecosystem, a scatter-shot approach to quality focused on "compliance-only" no longer works. But,

  • How can Life Sciences organizations seize emergent technologies, while optimizing quality processes in a cost-constrained, regulated environment?
  • How can organizations adapt their operating models to the multifaceted and ever-changing needs of patients, regulatory bodies, and partners?
  • How can quality help accelerate science and innovation, while reducing compliance risk and costs?
Illustration that represents what Smart Quality can do to help companies embrace a Quality Culture with Scilife Smart Quality Management Software

What are the triggers that catalyze Smart Quality in the Life Sciences?

Infographics that show the triggers of Smart Quality | Scilife Smart Quality Management Software

The Era of Smart Quality

Crossing the threshold beyond quality processes and compliance

With a Smart Quality mindset, employees across the organization are equipped to harness quality into a value catalyst and optimize quality processes, while reducing compliance risk, and seizing the emergent opportunities for innovation.

Smart Quality Culture



Increase in development
efficiency and speed to launch

Smart Quality Assurance



Increase in productivity
and speed for QA processes

Smart Quality Processes



Decrease in deviations/ nonconformances (NCRs)


Data source: McKinsey - Smart quality: Reimagining the way quality works.

Illustration that represents the mockup of The Seven step blueprint for Smart Quality Transformation | Scilife

The Smart Quality Quest:

The 7-step blueprint for Smart Quality transformation

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Illustration that represents how the Smart Quality Management Software helps Life Sciences accelerate science and improve patients’ lives | Scilife