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Augmented Learning

Learn more, empower everyone, improve quality  


Make learning a habit by rewarding people for engaging with training content and demonstrating proficiency with Scilife Academy. Keep the motivation strong with points, badges, and leaderboards.

Fit microlearning into your day

Learn at your own pace with engaging video tutorials, featuring expert insights and easy-to-digest learning pills.

Personalize your learning path

Take the learning route that best suits you and your organization. Fuel your growth and never stop learning! 


Showcase your accomplishments

Expand your quality knowledge, gain recognition, and get the certificate to prove it. 

23 %

increase in impact from quality improvement initiatives

> 120

resources such as assessments of knowledge and quality capabilities

> 925

minutes of mind-stirring, thought-provoking lessons to choose from


When quality transcends the boundaries of the QA department, it inspires everyone to undertake quality-focused actions, driving continuous improvement. Quality is no longer perceived as a mere department, but a way of thinking across your whole organization.


Turn your teams into

quality luminaries


Feed your mind with a series of bite-sized modules that cover a vast range of quality concepts within the Life Sciences industry. 

Quickly grasp complex concepts with the help of visually appealing infographics and concise guides that simplify even the most challenging topics.


 See it in action

Implement a Continuous Learning Culture with Scilife Academy

Assess your learning and

test your knowledge

Reinforce your learning with quizzes and assessments designed to measure your progress and keep you motivated.
  • Regularly evaluate your understanding of key concepts and track your progress over time, ensuring that you're effectively absorbing the material and improving your expertise.

  • Identify knowledge gaps! Our quizzes can help pinpoint areas where you may need to focus more attention, allowing you to tailor your learning path for maximum effectiveness.


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Test your QA knowledge with Scilife Academy and boost Continuous Learning in the Workplace

Gain your Smart Quality diplomas to certify your success


Earning a Scilife certification not only validates your expertise but also demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. 

Our certification program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to deepen your understanding of quality concepts and best practices in the Life Sciences industry. 


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Earn a Smart Quality Certification with Scilife Academy and boost Continuous Learning in the Workplace

At Scilife, we believe that empowering your team with the right knowledge and skills is essential to success. That's why we've integrated continuous learning as part of our Smart Quality approach. Our curated Scilife Academy is bursting with bite-sized video courses on a vast range of quality concepts within the Life Sciences.


Why does Smart Quality matter?


By investing in Smart Quality continuous learning approach your organization can:

  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation by equipping your team with the skills and knowledge to optimize your QMS processes.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance by staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices.

  • Boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention by fostering a culture of learning and growth.

Impact of Quality Culture in the quality of and end-product

Are you feeling inspired to learn more?

Shire bright in the realm of Quality

Start your learning journey now!