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Picture of Núria Broo, the woman that pulls the team together at Scilife.

Núria Broo

'Call me the woman that gets things done'

Pulling the team together

If there's someone born to take the helm when it comes to organizing, it's Núria. Thriving in dynamic, changing and fast-paced environments, Núria's mind is exceptional at getting things done efficiently without losing sight of the larger goals amid the chaos.


When Núria is not in the (virtual) office, you'll tire yourself out trying to keep up with her clambering up a mountain or front crawling through the Mediterranean sea. Personal growth and the depth of human emotions and interactions fascinate her; which is why she's such a good manager of diverse teams big and small.


Núria's go-get-'em motivation skills come from a background in studying sports psychology as well as having 100+ hours of coaching experience. She firmly believes everyone can change for the better. Go Team!