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Image of Marina Hoyos, Demand Manager at Scilife

Marina Hoyos

'Team work makes the dream work'

Effortlessly inspiring with natural talent and kindness


Marina is of a rare breed. A creator that is equally skilled at meticulous detail as well as strategizing the big picture - and possesses the kind of easy-going, genuine kindness that wins over everyone’s hearts. This impressive triad of talent makes her not only a natural manager, but someone that people in all levels of the company open up to - not an easy feat for someone in management. She doesn’t just deliver stellar marketing projects, she exceeds expectations and makes everyone on her marketing team feel proud and appreciated in the process. Now that’s a manager people want to follow!

Outside of work, prepare to be wooed by Marina’s soulful voice. Although she’s used to the stage and performing in concerts with her soul band, these days since becoming a new mother she sings with a guitar accompaniment instead. Her first love will always be singing! Invigorating forest walks or bike rides with family and friends are her favorite way to recharge.Although Marina is a graphic designer at heart and remains Scilife’s creative powerhouse, her dexterity, conscientiousness, unrivaled people skills, and exceptional multitasking talent have naturally led her to become Scilife’s marketing manager - the right place for her to inspire and guide Scilife’s creative team to go above and beyond.