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Picture of Jyotsana Kandani, our HR Manager at Scilife

Jyotsana Kandani

‘To win the marketplace, you need to win the workspace first’

Connecting hearts and minds

With an eagle eye for talent, Jyotsana knows a thing or two about sourcing and nurturing talent. She knows team productivity can only blossom when everyone is content and excited about their role in the company.


Jyotsana loves bringing people together, and always makes sure everyone is connected and taken care of. When she's not working, she brings this to her personal life as well, catching up with her family and friends regularly is her top priority and brings her true happiness. She also loves to walk while listening to music, as it gives her strength that boosts her at the start of a new day.

Building an efficient workforce (especially when it's scattered around the globe and spans very distinct cultures, as is our case!) is no easy task, but Jyotsana enjoys facing this challenge head on. She's a passionate HR professional, with a university background in business, HR and finance. Her hands-on experience with the entire Life Sciences recruitment cycle, Training & Development, Competency Mapping, Induction Plan and Execution, Organisation Restructuring, RACI Matrix and more, together with her inner love of community make her more than competent to run Scilife's HR department.