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Picture of Jatin Dhoot, our CTO at Scilife.

Jatin Dhoot

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and computers demand both"

Driving projects beyond expectations

Jatin is the man who can! The definition of a go-getter, with the rare combination of being enormously skilled with computers, excelling in team and client communication and coaching, and being impressively well organized!


Jatin's extraordinary patience level and ability to see things from different perspectives stems from his three kids and living in a big family (as well as regular meditations). When Jatin's out of office you'll find him out for a stroll with his earpods in, tuning into music or the latest entrepreneurial insights.

Jatin's been in the game a long time. 16 years, in fact! A seasoned pro of SDLC, together with a lengthy academic background in Computer Applications and unquenchable motivation make him the ideal project manager. His excitement and thirst for scaling up is now aimed squarely at Scilife growing as an amazing platform for Life Science companies.