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Image of Elisabet González, VP of Growth at Scilife

Elisabet González

VP of Growth

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!"

Boosting growth with innovative solutions


With her unique blend of analytical skills, empathy, and curiosity, Eli constantly drives customer satisfaction and business growth at Scilife. As a lifelong learner, she’s always looking for ways to improve and seek innovative solutions. She thrives on the thrill of trying new things and working collaboratively with talented teams towards shared goals. Seeing increased revenue, customer satisfaction, brand recognition and a happy team is what truly drives her.

As a Barcelona native, Eli enjoys the freedom of exploring neverending activities in the city - from parks and beaches to exhibitions and restaurants. She’s attracted to creative and artistic expression, loves music and is currently learning the piano. Combining fun with a SMART quality philosophy is how she motivates performance at work. Feeling the buzz as she puts the pieces of the Scilife puzzle together, what Eli really loves is being in the middle of the buzzle!