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Picture of Filip Heitbrink, our CEO at Scilife.

Filip Heitbrink

“You cannot know what you don't know, therefore, keep learning!"

A limitless source of ambition that fuels action

Ah, the unstoppable force of ambition! Our charismatic CEO Filip is the definition of a hands-on leader. Not satisfied with taking a back seat, Filip embodies the essence of the company. Motivated by challenges, positive, hungry to learn, fearless, life-embracing and logical.


When he's not thinking about ways to improve and scale up the company (which is rare), Filip will either have his nose in a book, be jet-setting, spending time with his family, or finding time for sports. Fun Fact: Filip is a recreational skydiver - we did mention fearless, after all!

An international self-made entrepreneur, Filip has lived in the Netherlands, Brazil, California and Spain, and speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, and Catalan fluently. Although his education was in classical music at the Conservatory in the Netherlands, when Filip wasn't tinkling the piano keys you would find him enthusiastically bashing away at the keys of a computer. He taught himself how to code and was an early adopter of the internet, passionate about the world of computers and tech. At the tender age of 20, Filip was already programming websites and web-based applications as a self-taught freelancer. He went on to program and build B2B solutions, which he later specialized to specifically serve the pharma sector. His ultimate dream? Putting a dent in the universe by using tech to solve problems.