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Daksha, Senior Software Developer at Scilife

Daksha Joshi

Senior Software Developer
at Scilife

A day in the life of... Daksha Joshi,
Senior Software Developer at Scilife


A few weeks ago, we had the chance to get to know our Onboarding Manager Sacha and our Content Specialist Júlia. Today, we want to bring you along for a day in the life of one of the team members behind the Scilife platform: Daksha Joshi, our Senior Software Developer!


8 am

Scilife Senior Software Developer exercising


Daksha likes to start the day by waking up her body through exercise. It seems like that’s the favorite way of beginning the workday for Scilifers!



9 am


Image that shows the usual breakfast of Daksha, Scilife Senior Software Developer


After that, she loves to help her mother organize the chaos at home. To do so, she spends some time making breakfast for herself and for the rest of the family. Once she has fueled her body with a nutritious snack, she likes to dedicate a moment to meditate and offer her prayers, keeping her mind and body balanced and relaxed.



10 am to 6 pm


Photo that shows what is like working as Software Developer at Scilife


Time to get things done! Daksha starts her workday by reading up on her latest Slack messages and by attending the stand-up meeting where she and her team discuss priorities and action points to set the goals for the day.


6 pm


Image that shows dinner time at Daksha's home


After working hard to take Scilife to the next level, she likes to reunite with her family at the end of the day and spend some quality time together, catching up and sharing anecdotes while making dinner to enjoy a delicious meal together.

And how does Daksha like to finish her day? Before going to bed, she loves to relax and watch her favorite TV series.



Now that we know what a typical day for Daksha looks like, let’s get to know her a bit better!






What’s the best thing about your job?

I’ve always dreamt about being a Software Developer, and now I’m living my dream at Scilife! When I look back, I can’t help but feel proud of how much I’ve grown.

I’d say everything is fun about my job, but what I like the most is interacting with my colleagues and enjoying the monthly breaks we take together. These moments always boost my energy!


How do you measure success in your job?

My biggest competitor is myself. I’m always trying to become the best version of myself and learn new things every day to succeed in my job.


What are some of the key tasks on your to-do list?

An essential part of my job is to analyze customer requests to create a feature development plan and work to satisfy them.


What sort of company is Scilife to work for, in just one word?



What’s your most memorable moment at Scilife?

Without a doubt, the day we got together with our India colleagues for a team building exercise - we finally got to connect on a personal level.


How would you describe your relationship with clients?

Supportive and helpful.


What have you found to be a central priority for Scilife users?

The user-friendliness and efficiency of our platform, which are also our main priorities as software developers.


What’s your personal mantra?

Grow every day.


Name your superpower, fun fact, hobbies, or favorite sports!

Unless I’m hungry, I’m a very patient and creative person. I’m passionate about upcycling and recycling. And I love to sing!




Curious about our other Scilife team members? What would you like to ask?

Let us know what you want to know, and we’ll open our doors and minds to share a slice of life