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Eefke Heitbrink

Finance & Accounting Manager
at Scilife

A day in the life of... Eefke Heitbrink,
Scilife Finance & Accounting Manager


Every successful organization needs a keeper, someone who protects one of the main pillars of every organization: our finances! Are you curious about who’s responsible for safekeeping the treasures of our Scilife castle? Settle in and get ready to meet Eefke, our superstar Finance & Accounting Manager!


6 am


Eefke, Finance & Accounting Manager at Scilife, doing Pilates


Seems like being an early bird is part of Scilife’s DNA! Eefke’s alarm goes off every day at this time. Just like many of her Scilife colleagues, Eefke begins the day by reactivating her body with Pilates reformer classes in the studio or with a short energizing Pilates workout at home.


7:30 - 9:30 am


Eefke, Finance & Accounting Manager at Scilife, kicking off her day


Once Eefke finishes her Pilates routine, she returns from the studio at 9:30 am or starts right after her home workout at 7:30 am by preparing a big pot of tea. How? Since she’s such an organized and meticulous person, she kicks off the day catching up on emails and Slack messages to schedule and prioritize her tasks.

Once she’s all set, the real work officially begins: from sending invoices and making payments to updating the accounting system and sorting out discrepancies. Sometimes, she combines all of the above with online meetings.

The most important part of her day-to-day is to keep an up-to-date financial overview and overcome the challenge of making processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


12 pm


Eefke, Finance & Accounting Manager at Scilife, having launch


Eefke is committed to intermittent fasting, which means she waits until noon to have her first meal of the day. She usually has a large plate of salad or big bowl soup and treats herself to homemade granola. After getting that extra energy boost from this delicious food, it’s time for a short break to get back to work even stronger!


5 pm to 6 pm


Eefke, Finance & Accounting Manager at Scilife, playing saxophone


At the end of the work day, a private concert takes place in Eefke’s house when she spends an hour studying and practicing saxophone. Some days, she starts even earlier, taking advantage of being alone at home.


7 pm

Cooking and dinner time! And who’s the chef in charge? Well, it depends on the day! Eefke, her partner, and her son split the task! With a full belly, they like to go for a walk together through their small village or get cozy chilling out on the couch with a movie or a great book.


Eefke, Finance & Accounting Manager at Scilife, going for a walk


Eefke is the ultimate Scilife superwoman She’s the only one who’s able to make numbers sound less challenging! Eefke works tirelessly so we can grow more and more every day.

Now that we’ve almost become a part of Eefke’s routine, why don’t we learn a few more things about her?




What’s the best thing about your job?

I like the freedom of organizing my own time and working from home. But in terms of work-related stuff, I like it best when I have managed to solve a complicated financial issue. It feels so rewarding!


How do you measure success in your job?

Sometimes, customers have questions about invoices or some details can be off due to a miscalculation. Then, I get to achieve success by finding a good solution that can satisfy the customer again.


What are some of the key tasks on your to-do list?

My core job is to provide our CEO with the best possible financial statements so that he can make ideal choices and decisions for Scilife.


In just a few words, what’s it like working for Scilife?

A growing company.


What’s your most memorable moment at Scilife?

I really enjoyed the teambuilding trip to Athens last September. All European colleagues were there, and it was wonderful to spend three full days together, joining for activities, eating delicious food, and above all getting to know each other better on a personal level.


Your superpower or fun fact, hobbies, and sports:

I was a competitive dancer and dance teacher for many years but stopped a year and a half ago. Since then, I have found a new hobby that is making me very happy: playing the saxophone! I even joined a band a few months ago.


Any other curiosities about you?

We are a blended family. Together with my life partner we have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandson. That makes me a proud bonus grandma!



Curious about our other Scilife team members? What would you like to ask?

Let us know what you want to know, and we’ll open our doors and minds to share a slice of life!