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Carla Masgrau

Junior Graphic Designer
at Scilife

A day in the life of... Carla Masgrau,
Junior Graphic Designer at Scilife

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the amazing visual pieces on our social media pages and website? Then, let us introduce you to Carla, our graphic designer & video wizard! She’s the heart and soul of Scilife’s brand and a key member of our Brand Team 😀 Have a look at what her days look like and see what she thinks about working at Scilife…


7:30 am

Welcome to Animal Farm! Carla starts the day by feeding her two donkeys and the horse. After that, she goes for a walk with her dog, Kyle. When all the animals are happy and satisfied, it’s her turn to have breakfast! She likes to kick off the day with avocado toast and ham and a good coffee. Is there anything better? 


9 am

The working day begins… Carla usually works from 9 am to 5 pm, creating all kinds of content for Scilife, from social media visuals to web content & campaigns… She’s such a creative creature and she proves it every day by coming up with new design ideas! 


1 pm

Deserved lunch break 😅 Carla loves pasta, she could literally eat that every day, but one of her new year resolutions is to eat more healthily. No doubt she’ll achieve it! 


5 pm

Fitness time! Carla is super into sports, but her favorite activity above all is horse riding. She started when she was 5 and she still loves it like the first day. Since then, horses have been an important part of her life. 



She also loves to go running with her dog in a new sport called canicross. And whenever she’s not exercising with her animals, she likes to do it by herself at home. 


8:30 pm

Netflix and chill to end the day. Once she’s back from exercising, she cooks a light dinner and settles down to watch Netflix with her partner - though he always falls asleep before the movie starts! 


Weekend Extra! 

Whenever she feels like recharging her batteries, Carla likes to go to her favorite place in the world: the small town where her uncles live, which is a very, very small village surrounded by nature. Being there in the mountains with animals is what makes her truly happy!




Now that we’ve had a peak at Carla’s day-to-day life, it’s time to get to know her a little better…




What’s the best thing about your job?

The number of things I learn daily from my colleagues, for sure!


What are some of the key tasks on your to-do list?

Designing any piece of content for Scilife: from social media/web content, through the brand’s identity and the concerned tasks, and up to sketching and representing new campaigns, among many others!

I really love the challenge to come up with new and creative designs every day in an industry as complex as the Life Sciences - where we make the content more appealing to our audience.


What sort of company is Scilife to work for? (In one word)



What’s your most memorable moment at Scilife?

No doubt: Greece!!! We were so lucky to go to Athens and meet the whole team there for a few days - they were wonderful and stunning. 

Otherwise, I also loved the last team building event: an orientation race and lunch, what else can we ask for?


A personal motto:

"All we have is now". I assume it’s very important to focus on the present. Personally, life has taught me that very well!


Scilifer pets:

Two donkeys, one horse, and a dog! Many people don’t understand why I’ve chosen to carry with these priorities (feeding them every day, the amount of effort - both economic and physical - required, etc). But the truth is that they really make my day and I feel super grateful to have them!!

Curious about our other Scilife team members? What would you like to ask?

Let us know what you want to know, and we’ll open our doors and minds to share a slice of life