Rucha Deshpande

Rucha Deshpande

QA Consultant, Scilife

With 11+ years in pharmaceuticals, Rucha brings expertise in quality, excellence, and data intelligence to uphold top-notch standards in manufacturing and drive industry advancement through Quality by Design.

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Life Science companies are doing great things every day. The research in life science companies touches millions of lives. These companies are working day and night to help people get healthier, feel better and increase their longevity. Saving lives ...

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We all know at least one John, who was a great fit for the job posting published by the organization last week, but the talent manager never knew about John. The talent manager failed to recognize the talent within the organization and hired a new em...

A Complaint Management System (CMS) is a software or procedural framework designed to efficiently handle and monitor customer complaints within a business. It facilitates the submission of complaints through various channels and tracks their progress...

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