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Picture of Dolors Teixidor, our marketing manager at Scilife.

Dolors Teixidor

In her native Catalan: ‘agafa-ho tal com vingui’ or, in English, ‘Let’s take it as it comes’

Bringing her boundless enthusiasm to inspire change

Promoting without enthusiasm simply doesn't work. Dolors is a source of natural ambitious energy that resonates through her on-trend branding and on-point marketing campaigns. She does things with passion and thrives on change and embracing the new; that's her secret to success.


When Dolors logs off, she loves nothing more than to spend time with her children, while belting out a song or two. Their curiosity fuels her own, and you'll usually find her seeking out new dining, hiking, or biking spots in order to discover new people, places, and experiences.

With both a marketing and extensive design background, including holding the position of creative director, Dolors excels in growing audiences and reputations in the online (and offline) world. She now brings her drive and myriad of skills to lead Scilife's marketing efforts and team, full steam ahead towards new horizons.