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Quality Process Designer Software

Design your own unique workflow from start to finish or duplicate one of our standard workflows and modify it to be exactly what you want. Total configurability!

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Life Science companies may require very specific workflows

Standard workflows simply can’t offer the detail and flexibility you need. Yet building a custom software solution from scratch is expensive and time-intensive. Is there a budget-friendly yet effective answer?

Our Quality Process Designer Software gives you all the configurability you need

Compose your own process workflow steps

Use our easy point-and-click interface to lay down every step of your workflow in minutes, while defining statuses, user roles, and permissions. With support for sub-workflows, the sky's the limit!

Specify custom forms and fields

Decide at which moments in your workflow data input is required, and create your own forms which can include as many different types of fields as required.

Seamless integration with other Scilife solutions

Incorporating data from other Scilife solutions, or syncing multiple workflows in your company is a breeze with our Scilife platform. Our Quality Process Designer Software integrates smoothly with our other Scilife solutions so that your workflow can be as comprehensive as possible.

When to choose our Quality Process Designer Software

Our Quality Process Designer Software offers more sophisticated functionality than our other Scilife solutions, and is therefore a bit more complex to set up initially.

If your processes can be adapted to the workflows offered by our standard Scilife solutions, that’s the simpler option to start with. Should you require or want full-scale configurability, then we wholeheartedly recommend this Quality Process Designer Software. It covers the needs of virtually any quality related process you might want to manage, and grants you unbeatable flexibility.