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Scilife releases new
Quality Process Designer,
a tool that transforms workflows 


A nifty tool to create efficient yet highly custom workflows

Illustration that represents the new Scilife tool for life science companies to manage their processes, people and data.

Press Release



Another big release from Scilife! This time, it’s a sophisticated workflow creator for life science companies, called the Quality Process Designer (QPD)

This point-and-click tool allows you to build detailed workflows from start to finish effortlessly, or to duplicate standard workflows and modify them as you see fit. The feature lets you configure everything from user permissions to custom fields to integrations to sub-workflows, so that the result is hyper-personalised workflows that work the way you need them to. Better still, they’re all beautifully synced with each other and other Scilife features.


Flexible yet economical workflows

Standard workflows simply can’t offer the nuance and configurability you need. Yet building a custom software solution from scratch is expensive and time-intensive. Scilife’s Quality Process Designer (QPD) is the budget-friendly yet effective answer to creating custom workflows.

the platform that grows with you

The QPD is a strong addition to the Scilife platform, which features a broad range of useful and highly configurable tools for life science companies to manage their processes, people, and data - all on one single seamless platform. These tools are interconnected and work in smooth cascades with each other.


About Scilife

Scilife helps Life Science companies control, streamline, and manage quality and non-quality processes and products digitally to support companies on their journey towards competitivity in the space.


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