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Scilife wins 'Best Relationship'
with buyers and remains Leader in the Pharma & Biotech Software Category in G2 summer 2022 report

A great start to the summer for Scilife!
The Scilife software platform has won the G2 ‘Best Relationship’ and ‘Leader in the Pharma and Biotech Software’ category badges. 


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G2’s Relationship Score identifies software products that provide the best relationship between software sellers and buyers. It’s based on factors including an exceptionally high quality of support, likelihood of recommendation to peers, ease of doing business and more.

Scilife now holds the esteemed  title of ‘leader’ on the G2 Grid® in the Pharma & Biotech Software category, a great achievement! 


Best Pharma and Biotech Software



#1 - Most Popular across all segments

#1 - Highest Rated across all segments

#1 - User Satisfaction across all segments

#1- G2 Score across all segments


Graphic that shows the G2 Grid for Pharma and Biotech Software category Scores


The G2 Grid® is a ranking system that offers a real-time score incorporating both user satisfaction and market presence of the software when compared to similar solutions. G2 takes pride in unbiased reviews and does not allow paid placements in any of their ratings (Source: G2.com, Inc.).

Needless to say, Scilife is thrilled with both the recognition and that their customer-centric efforts are appreciated by their users. The future looks bright for the growing company!

This recognition couldn’t have been possible without the support and honest feedback from our customers: 


“The features Scilife has for documentation, capacitation, equipment and CAPAs, also the security, and the fact that an online signature is valid as a regular one. Finally the fact that it complies with GAMP5.”

Jose Luis B
Lab Professional

“Scilife helps me and our quality team to improve quality management and processes through a 21CFR11 and GAMP5 validated and cloud-based platform [...] complies with rigorous demands and compliance regulations of natural health products, pharma and Biotech companies.”

Nassim N
Manager, Quality system & Compliance

“The structure of the system by design allows for easy compliance to quality standards and the customer service that is always available to help us with any technical issue.”

Administrator in Medical Devices

“I appreciate the structure and the workflows. Having so many layers/modules that interconnect is very helpful for QMS Maintenance. Customer Support is always quick to follow up with any inquiries.”

Amanda A.
QA Associate

“Fast software, great connection between the different modules. Very user-friendly. Pre-validation as per CFR part 11 is an enormous plus in the life sciences industry.”

Rob V.
QA Manager

“Smooth and easy software, straightforward, no training needed, multifunctional and great for both beginners and experts. ”

Administrator in Biotechnology

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