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Customer Story DNA Script

DNA Script reflects on first year with Scilife, improving collaboration and flexibility

  • Associate Manager of the DNA Script Quality Assurance team wanted to digitalize the company’s QMS.
  • The team needed to find the right eQMS—one with modules like Document Control, Events, and CAPAs. The goal was to promote quality across the entire company.
  • By using Scilife, DNA Script has strengthened collaboration and embraced unprecedented flexibility.


About DNA Script

DNA Script is a French biotech company that develops and commercializes the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology. The company’s special instrument and reagent kits allow customers to produce DNA right where they are.

As Quality Assurance Associate Manager, Marie Mignonat’s role is to develop and maintain the company’s Quality Management System.

Marie talked to Scilife Customer Success Representative Fabiola Samueli about DNA Script’s first year using Scilife. Integrating different processes, embracing a fully digital system, and working with Fabiola and the Scilife team has made a powerful early impression!



The Search

Founded in 2014, DNA Script decided they needed to go digital. The company, which has about 200 employees in France and the U.S., needed not just a QMS, but an eQMS. As Marie stated:

“We are always trying to find quality improvements and think using a software is easier than using Excel spreadsheets everywhere.”

They were quickly drawn to Scilife. Here’s why:

“We benchmarked several eQMS providers, and we thought Scilife was simple to use and very user-friendly.”

That’s not all. DNA Script also wanted teams to be the owners of their documents.

“Scilife makes it easy for people to create documents.”

When DNA Script made their decision to use Scilife in October 2022, the next step was to join forces and set up the eQMS. 



The Set Up

The first module DNA Script implemented was Document Control. Just a month later, they added Event Control, and CAPAs. Marie and her team enjoyed a seamless, step-by-step setup process.

The webinars were of particular interest during this time.

“Scilife’s webinars are really interesting because you have a real-life example of specific modules.”


In other words, it’s good to see what other customers are doing. That way Marie could observe a module in action and say, “Hey, we could have that too.”

Fortunately, Marie learned that Scilife’s support continues long after the initial setup. She appreciates that modules are available at the customer’s convenience. This flexibility is the key to a company’s growth.

“If you want to improve your process down the road, you should use an eQMS that can grow and change with you.”



Favorite Features

There’s a great deal that Marie enjoys about working with Scilife. Just under a year in, she is still getting to know all of our features and modules. Yet Marie already has a few favorites.

“The dashboard is really nice. It’s good to have an overview of the tasks you need to complete.”

The ability to link different modules together has been beneficial too. From documents and events, to CAPAs and changes, Marie takes advantage of this process regularly.

Speaking of documents, DNA Script also appreciates the integration and automation Scilife has to offer. Here’s what Marie has to say:

“I really like the Live Edit feature. It’s great not to have to reupload every time.”

For Marie, Scilife goes far beyond simple features and functions. Yes, those make a real impact—but improving collaboration has been essential. Again, the ownership of documents and events is what matters here. 

“We are not a big company, but now we record much better than we did before using Scilife.”



Expert Advice

So, would Marie recommend Scilife to her peers? Her answer is a resounding yes. 

“I would recommend Scilife. I think it’s especially interesting for small or midsize companies that still need to make improvements down the road.”

Here again, Marie mentions that Scilife allows a certain flexibility. She notes that companies or startups looking to deploy an eQMS will find a lot of the features they need already in place. And as they grow, Scilife can adapt with them.

Now, transitions aren’t always easy. For DNA Script, one early challenge on the Document Control side involved redefining the company’s document structure to better match what regulated organizations were using.

Marie had to help her team navigate everything from document types to electronic signatures—but the outcome proved worthwhile. 

“With Scilife, training team members on the new document management system was simple.”



The Results

Using Scilife has helped DNA Script focus on strengthening their risk management and continuous improvement initiatives. Greater efficiency and collaboration have been very meaningful for the company.

Marie notes, however, that she and her colleagues are still in the early stages of leveraging their new eQMS. Yet she is confident that improvements are underway.

“We are still at the beginning. But we hope in the future, with the implementation and export of KPIs, events, and CAPAs, that we can identify trends and areas of improvement.” 

Here at Scilife, we can’t wait to reconnect with DNA Script in a few months to discuss those metrics in detail. The biotech company has already noticed improvements in the way they collaborate and record documents and events. Marie will almost certainly have more to share with us in 2024—and we’re already looking forward to that conversation.

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