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3P Biopharmaceuticals Customer Story

3P Biopharmaceuticals use Scilife as their all-in-one solution to standardize processes and save time

  • Standardized and simplified interdepartmental processes
  • Better control and oversight of quality indicators
  • Time and costs saved are invested in improving other company activities

3p Bio researcher with goggles, mask and cap looking at biological research equipment.


About 3P Biopharmaceuticals

3P Biopharmaceuticals is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specialized in process development and GMP manufacturing, providing mammalian, microbial, and cell therapy services that combine innovation with manufacturing and process excellence, from development to product delivery. They’re a trusted partner to many pharmaceutical and biotech companies, working together with others in the Life Sciences space to innovate treatments against a multitude of diseases.

Our customer success manager, Trine Michelsen, spoke with Susana Santesteban Martínez, Head of Quality Assurance & Qualified Person in 3P Biopharmaceuticals. Susana is as much an ally to us as we at Scilife try to be to 3P Biopharmaceuticals, as she and her team are very active in suggesting improvements, which shapes Scilife into a better platform every day.


Why Scilife? 5 Key Advantages.

Susana chose Scilife as 3P Biopharmaceuticals’s QMS platform over other solutions on the market for several key reasons:


1. All-in-one functionality

Susana explains that juggling multiple systems to oversee quality processes gets messy and time consuming. Scilife is an all-in-one solution, where you can manage all your processes (quality and non-quality related) in one easily accessible and centralized hub. She stresses the helpfulness of Scilife’s interconnected modules, and that she was specifically searching for a single digital system for 3P Biopharmaceuticals that did it all. She also mentions how having Document Control directly linked to Change Control is a real advantage. 

2. Adaptability

Another major advantage of Scilife over other solutions out there, according to Susana, is its adaptability. She says the platform is easily customizable and that interconnected modules adapt to detailed workflows and the way a company works, not the other way round. She mentions that having Risk Assessment accessible from inside Document Control is handy, and that removing all paperwork from processes is a real advantage.

3. Outstanding support

Apart from the platform and software itself, Susana mentions that Scilife’s support is second to none in the market. She explains that not only does the Scilife team react promptly to tickets, but that the Scilife support team listens to her ideas and dedicates time to fixing every issue, improving the system as a whole. She says that other QMS providers simply don’t go through the effort of evaluating and then implementing suggested improvements from customers. To Susana, a provider like Scilife that’s open to new ideas and continually updates its service based on every single new requirement and regulation in the Life Sciences space is vital.
‘As you grow your company, Scilife grows with you. Start with a few functional modules and scale up as needed.’

Susana Santesteban Martínez,
Head of Quality Assurance & Qualified Person in 3P Biopharmaceuticals.



4. Cost effectiveness

Susana also chose Scilife for it’s value for money. She mentions the advantages of our pay-per-use pricing model, and having licences for different user types.

5. Easy to learn

Finally, Susana talks about Scilife being a very intuitive system, that it has such an easy learning curve that she could figure it out even before training.

Adaptability to Scilife

We asked Susana how much time the 3P Biopharmaceuticals team spent on getting familiar with Scilife. Susana explains that they provide 40 mins training on each module through explanatory videos, and that her team then gets to grips with the platform through simply practicing by doing, since every user logs on to the platform at least once every day.


Proficiency Level

Time Duration

Familiar with Navigation

2 weeks

All 300 Employees Fully Proficient

8-12 weeks


Favorite Scilife Features

In general, Susana explains, her favorite aspect of Scilife is that the platform allows her to have improved efficiency of processes, but more importantly better control of quality indicators

She says Scilife lets you see them all; how many quality indicators you have, a detailed overview of KPIs, and more control over their status - what’s open, what’s closed, and the areas that need to be followed up.


1. Dashboard

Susana’s top favorite feature is Scilife’s dashboard, which shows her and her team’s pending tasks. She says it’s saved her a tremendous amount of time, especially as it’s so much easier to keep track of what everyone has to do without having to remember their tasks as well as hers. She loves having an all-in-one solution that keeps everything under control.


2. Prevalidation

Prevalidation is a big cost-saver and a key advantage of Scilife, and saves 3P Biopharmaceuticals valuable resources.


3. Automated notifications

Susana explains that notifications of upcoming expiry dates, or for when something needs to be done, are super useful for her.

4. Electronic Signatures

Susana explains that doing all actions online with all the different departments of 3P Biopharmaceuticals is much more agile and time-saving, as manual signatures are no longer needed.

5. Document Control

Susana’s favorite Scilife module is Document Control. She says it’s made document management so much more streamlined. It saves paper, time, and improves the efficiency of processes such as change control, or the management of CAPAs.



Going paperless and standardizing processes saves time and resources

When asked about the direct impact of Scilife on revenue, Susana highlights that the platform helped significantly shift time and resource investment, which meant the company could benefit from those elsewhere. She says Scilife has saved 3P Biopharmaceuticals the costs and time associated with printing, photocopying, uploading, sending and signing papers, which meant they could concentrate on improving other activities such as training.



Peer Advice

Susana has tips for peers in the Life Sciences industry who are looking for an efficient e-QMS system:


1. All-in-one is always better

2. Make sure your chosen system has scope to grow as you grow

3. Choose a provider that listens to feedback and implements improvements accordingly

4. Choose a future-proof solution, don’t buy ‘for the moment’



To Sum it Up

3P Biopharmaceuticals is using and shaping Scilife to be their ideal Life Sciences accelerating platform. Specifically, they make the most out of Scilife to monitor their quality indicators better, boost efficiency, optimize workflows, standardize processes, and ultimately save lots of time.
As 3P Biopharmaceuticals shows, every company can use Scilife in their own unique way, it’s built to adapt!


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