Angel Buendia

Angel Buendia

Knowledge Manager, Scilife

With 20+ years of experience shaping quality within pharmaceuticals, Ángel bridges QC & QA expertise in Life Sciences. His passion for continuous learning, combined with his role as a Smart Quality advocate, drives his dedication to instilling a Quality Culture, guiding teams with collaborative leadership, and fostering excellence as a cornerstone. He navigates complex regulations, and is driven by upholding high standards and fueling innovation.

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In today's world, environmental sustainability has become increasingly urgent. The planet, and by extension its people, is under pressure, and all evidence points towards increasingly critical consequences if we do not act. Industries around the glob...

The prime directive of medical device manufacturers is the continued safety of patients through safe and effective medical devices. A critical aspect of medical device safety is ensuring regulatory compliance of any medical device destined for the co...

We had a discussion with our Finance and Accounting Manager about advancing workplace inclusion.

We asked our HR Manager how we can foster a more inclusive work culture.

We talked with our VP of Brand & Demand about developing a more inclusive workplace.

We had a discussion with our Finance and Accounting Manager about advancing workplace inclusion.

The hype of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We spoke with our Chief Quality Officer to explore strategies for fostering inclusion within the workplace.

We sat down with our Chief Growth Officer to discuss how we can inspire inclusion in the workplace.

The world of medical devices is steeped in regulations - you can't say medical devices without saying compliance. In this world of medical device regulations, compliance is critical. It ensures the safety and efficacy of products entering the market ...

Regulatory frameworks for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are undergoing significant changes to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by this technology.

While sometimes deprioritized, regulatory compliance is critical for medical device manufacturers. And among the global regulatory frameworks, the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) has gained prominence over the past decade. MDSAP is a comp...

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