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Scilife announces new Print & Reconciliation module a success


Scilife’s controlled print and reconcile solution is performing well on all fronts.

Two months after going live with it, Scilife has announced strong early success with their Print & Reconciliation module, a new addition to their digital life sciences accelerating platform. 

In line with its recent rebranding, Scilife has expanded the functionality of their SaaS platform far beyond QMS capabilities, transforming it into an all-in-one solution for Life Science companies to manage every aspect of their quality and non quality related processes.


The challenge of compliant printouts

One important demand of pharma, biotech, and medical device industry regulations is controlling printing. Knowing who printed what, when, and where is essential to stay compliant. Without that information, traceability and accountability becomes difficult. An equally important demand, inextricably linked, is collecting that printouts and reconciling it.

Scilife sought to create a solution to solve both these issues, and their result is the Print & Reconciliation module.


Print & Reconciliation is part of a customizable, modular platform

Scilife offers many highly specialized yet interconnected modules, from which customers can pick and choose to build their own unique modular framework.

The new Print & Reconciliation module keeps paper under control through a single user-friendly interface, giving a detailed oversight of every type of print and reprint action and displaying stats on any unreconciled printouts (orphan documents). Printouts can be searched in the dashboard through useful filters and reports can be quickly generated. The module’s main stand out feature is that it tags each printed page with a unique tracker barcode, speeding up and automating tedious reconciliation processes. Finally, the module implements justified reprinting, which helps keep the audit trail clear.

Scilife Print & Reconciliation module minimizes the manual hustle to meet the regulatory compliance requirements, saving a whole lot of time and frustration. An additional advantage is that it enables decentralized QMS practices to be managed from a single, central dashboard.

Since going live, the module has received stellar feedback from Scilife customers.


About Scilife

Scilife helps Life Science companies control, streamline, and manage quality and non-quality processes and products digitally to support companies on their journey towards competitivity in the space.


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