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Ana Peñas

HR Manager Europe

“A bit of humor allows you to overcome any problems you might face in life.”

Building teams through empathy and humor


With 13 years of experience managing the economic and accounting department in public administration, and 3 years working in the banking sector, Ana has developed a passion for understanding people and their unique perspectives. As our HR manager, she loves listening to people so that she can understand their perceptions of reality. She analyzes people not just for their knowledge, but also their attitudes. And what motivates her every day is joining forces to build the best possible team.

Outside of work, she enjoys the cultural side of life - whether attending musical events with her daughters, walking in tranquil nature with family and friends, or taking part in a dancing group as a way of disconnecting from everyday life. She lives life to the fullest, has the ability to make people laugh and believes in offering constructive solutions. With empathy and a bit of humor, Ana helps everyone at Scilife communicate better.