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Scilife Extends Its Footprint in North America with US Subsidiary

Smart Quality is on the way to the USA! 


Press Release



Scilife’s US subsidiary has been active since the end of March 2023, directly serving our Life Science customers there. The launch of the new subsidiary marked a significant milestone in Scilife’s growth and expansion, strengthening its position in the US market.


“We’re excited to bring Scilife’s innovative Smart Quality solutions to the US market, working closely with our customers to provide them with all the support they require. Whatever the quality needs of each Life Science organization, our aim is to meet them."

Filip Heitbrink, CEO of Scilife


With our US-based team, we aim to strengthen partnerships and establish new alliances, enabling us to deliver even better service and support to our valued customers in North America. As part of our ongoing growth, we're thrilled for this new chapter in our journey.


“This partnership further reinforces our dedication to helping you reach new heights in the life sciences industry. Together, let's drive meaningful change and unlock a brighter future for enhanced quality."

Marina Hoyos, Demand Manager at Scilife


At Scilife, we are humbled by the opportunities ahead and are eager to unlock the potential of enhanced quality together with our North American clients. Let's embrace this new era of opportunity, collaboration, and innovation, as we continue to redefine what's possible in the life sciences.

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