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QbD Software Announces Major Rebranding: Scilife is Born

QbD Software has unveiled a new name, logo, and identity
as part of an extensive rebranding initiative

Press Release

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QbD Software


QbD Software announced a milestone event today, a company rename as well as a rename of their signature eQMS product QualityKick, into a singular identity; Scilife. The new Scilife name and identity will become effective as of June 7th, and involves a full-scale image rebranding as well as a new logo, new website and positioning in the market. Scilife will from today be named after their flagship product, an innovative online platform for managing and accelerating Life Science processes.


The rebrand represents a leap forward for the company to align the brand with the new vision of being more than an eQMS. The main purpose is to increase the value of the platform to customers by adding solutions. Additionally the brand will align with the user-friendliness and accessibility of the platform, as well as transmit the closeness of the customer support the company offers, second to none in the sector. Moreover, the new branding gives scope for growth, opportunity for further knowledge sharing within the industry as thought leaders, and solidifies Scilife’s position amongst its particular industry audiences - the realm of the Life Sciences.

The rebrand also solves an issue the company faced involving some client confusion between the identity of QbD Software in relation to their partners QbD, as well as their product QualityKick being named differently. The name Scilife is the natural fusion of the potent words ‘Science’ and ‘Life’, which embodies the company’s motto and ultimate goal: ‘Supporting Science and Improving Life’.



What’s changing about the brand?

For starters, a fresh pastel color scheme, a more casual and relevant tone of voice, and an optimized layout of the website. The software platform will not change in functionality, but will feature updated colors and icons as well. A new marketing and social media strategy is being put into place, meaning several new channels will open imminently. Plenty of new and valuable content, including video, is anticipated thanks to the recent expansion of the company’s marketing team and the company’s commitment to being thought leaders in the industry.


“We really believe in the power of science and the possibility of controlling, managing and accelerating it to improve life”

Filip Heitbrink, CEO


Scilife has outgrown it’s QMS label and is now aiming for the stars in terms of potential, serving Life Science customers an all-in-one solution to improve their quality, process and product, and accelerate Life Science companies towards competitiveness. A bright new identity helps Scilife throw off the old, differentiate in the space, and follow their ambitions skywards.



About Scilife

Scilife helps Life Science companies to improve quality, product, and processes. As Life Science allies, their goal is to boost efficiency, performance, and compliance within the Life Sciences to support companies on their journey towards competitiveness in the space.


Scilife logo with its tagline: Supporting science, improving life.


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