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Scilife releases eagerly-awaited Record Management solution with integrated form builder 

It’s now possible to create and store sophisticated digital forms directly on the Scilife platform

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Press Release



The team at Scilife has built and released a tool that allows users to create and customize intuitive digital forms on the all-in-one life sciences management platform. It’s called Record Management, and is set to simplify the process of how life science companies create, use, share, and store their forms.

Why Record Management

When talking with their customers, Scilife realised many of them were using their most popular tool on the Scilife platform, Document Control, to store and manage data records and forms.

Quickly realising there was a need to optimise such specific use cases, the team put together their latest solution, Record Management. Now, users can benefit from a purpose built record and form management tool with out-of-the-box functionality rather than inventing workarounds.


A better way to build and manage forms

Companies deal with many forms in their day-to-day operations and processes. There’s a real need for a centrally managed space where all these forms can be stored and accessed. That’s fundamental to optimal record keeping too.

Scilife’s Record Management tool not only provides the space to store and manage forms in one place, it offers a sophisticated form builder that empowers users to create their ideal forms, entirely digitally. These forms can be customized from Scilife’s pre-designed templates, or built from scratch.

What’s more, once forms are created they can be shared with, filled in, and signed off by approvers electronically directly on the Scilife platform, without ever needing to be printed off or emailed around. That’s a big time and resource saver!


A welcome addition to the Scilife platform

Scilife offers a wide range of useful tools for life science companies to manage their processes, people, and data - all on one single seamless platform.

Users pick and choose the combination of tools that works best for them, making the platform a uniquely tailored solution. These tools are interconnected and work in cascades with each other to keep workflows running smoothly.

Record Management is sure to be another enriching addition to the platform.



About Scilife

Scilife helps Life Science companies control, streamline, and manage quality and non-quality processes and products digitally to support companies on their journey towards competitivity in the space.



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