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Scilife and No Deviation join forces to speed up digitalization and elevate compliance 

No Deviation regulatory expertise and Scilife Smart QMS will help pharmaceutical companies become data-driven organizations

Image that represents Scilife and No Deviation's partnership | Scilife

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Founded in 2007, No Deviation provides patient-centric solutions to pharmaceutical companies and organizations based on their extensive experience in engineering consultancy, commissioning, qualification and validation services, quality, and regulatory compliance in Asia and Europe. 

This expertise, combined with Scilife Smart QMS, which integrates efficient Quality Management tools and advanced features (Academy, Advanced Analytics, and gamification), makes this partnership a unique opportunity to bring a complete solution to the Life Sciences Industry. 

As a response to one of the most common quality paint points, the challenge of overcoming manual and paper-based processes, this collaboration will enable digitalization, better data-driven decision-making, and higher compliance. 

Partnering with No-Deviation will enable companies to overcome the main industry challenges by bringing a bulletproof solution to scale and develop quality-driven companies that pursue excellence.

Elisabet González, VP of Growth at Scilife


By working together, Scilife will apply and integrate No Deviation’s knowledge of regulatory requirements (EMA, PICS, and FDA) into Quality Management Software (QMS). The final goal is to connect individual data lakes and empower clients to become data-driven organizations. 


Collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry will accelerate Digitization, ultimately leading to Data-Driven decisions.

Liu Shanshan, Technical Director at No Deviation

We envision this partnership as a tool for Life Sciences companies to achieve a complete digital transformation.

So, if you’d like to see how the Scilife-No Deviation collaboration can benefit your organization, feel free to reach out.


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