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Scilife and Archimedis Digital partner to help Life Sciences companies overcome the digitalization challenges

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both organizations' mission to empower life sciences companies with innovative and compliant digital solutions

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Archimedis Digital is a digital transformative solutions and services company focused on the Life Sciences industry. They operate at the intersection of IT and Life Sciences to help their customers transition to the Industry 4.0 transformations.

Archimedis Digital leverages its domain expertise and technological capabilities to support life sciences companies in their digital transformation journey by taking a 'Life Science User First' approach. Their solutions and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the Life Sciences industry, incorporating regulatory requirements from the ideation stage to implementation. Archimedis Digital partners with clients at various stages of their digital lifecycle to drive transformative growth.

This partnership positions Archimedis Digital as a bridge between Scilife and the Indian Life Sciences market for the adoption of digital Quality Management Systems (QMS), particularly for mid-sized and smaller entities. It addresses the challenges posed by legacy systems and workforce upskilling while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


"We are excited to start working with Archimedis Digital. This collaboration brings us the opportunity to support science in a new territory. Working together, we can help Indian Life Sciences companies enhance their quality systems in their journey toward digitalization."

Marina Hoyos, Demand Manager at Scilife


The collaboration between Scilife and Archimedis Digital is driven by several key goals, including:

    • Bringing validated, compliant, and intuitive Digital Quality solutions to the Indian Life Sciences market.
    • Establishing a focus on transformation to Industry 4.0.
    • Collaborating on expanding Scilife's solutions into emerging markets based on insight and experience-based decisions.


We believe a significant synergy exists between SciLife and Archimedis Digital due to extensive interaction with the Life Sciences industry and technological landscapes. This has the potential to culminate into a mutual exchange of ideas, resources, and capabilities, enabling Scilife and Archimedis Digital to collaboratively build products for serving the broader spectrum of Life Sciences. 

Duraisamy Rajan Palani, Founder & CEO, Archimedis Digital

The partnership between Scilife and Archimedis Digital signifies the convergence of industrial, compliance, and IT expertise. It offers Life Sciences companies in emerging markets the opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation with a validated, intuitive, quality platform ready for implementation.

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