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Scilife and Antleron Forge Unique Partnership to Integrate Quality into Personalized Medicine

Bioprocess expertise combined with Scilife Smart QMS will enable Life Science companies improve efficiency 


Press Release



As a Biotech company, Antleron develops custom bioprocess solutions for various life science applications. Its unique technology toolbox combines Quality by Design, digital twins and 3D printing with the power of cell biology to make the bioprocessing 4.0 vision a reality and bring next-generation therapies faster and closer to patients in a sustainable way.

As a Smart Quality Platform, Scilife is on a mission to transform quality within Life Science organizations - providing software tools that enable companies to more efficiently and flexibly integrate quality into their products and services.

Working together, Antleron and Scilife are not just mutually beneficial for each other, but even more importantly, for other Life Science organizations - with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives.



Bioprocess insights gained by Antleron are taken into account for future Scilife software enhancements. And for Antleron, using the Scilife platform helps them integrate quality into bioprocess solutions for customers. 




Ultimately, the strong partnership between Scilife and Antleron accelerates and improves bioprocess development. And that means superior healthcare for everyone.

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