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Science Boosters Podcast Series

Conversations with the movers and shakers in the life science space, the latest on the evolution of QA, and top tips to boost digital optimization
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Hand drawn illustration of a test tube that works as a microphone and has headphones around it to represent our Scilife science boosters podcast
Picture of Lee Hahmann, our audits expert in the second episode of Scilife Podcast

Episode #02

Are remote audits the new normal?

The experienced ISO Management Systems Consultant Lee Hahmann,  shares his view on the future of audits in a conversation with Filip Heitbrink, CEO of Scilife.

Picture of Bart van Acker to illustrate the pilot episode of our new podcast Science Boosters.

Episode #01

Entrepreneurship in the life sciences: Bart Van Acker shares insights

Bart is one of those forward thinkers and serial entrepreneurs that never falter in their ambition, and his business enthusiasm is infectious.