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Hand drawn triangle with an exclamation mark inside to represent Scilife's Risk Assessment Module

Risk Management Software

Risk management broken down into steps that suddenly become a lot simpler and more user-friendly, and most importantly accessible and doable by everyone. 
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Risk management is
time consuming and cumbersome

Let’s face the facts. Risk assessment is a drag. Employees hasten through risk assessment processes, or try to avoid them completely. This increases the risk for serious problems later on, and lessens the opportunities for improvement.

Remove the dread with
our Risk Assessments module

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Centralized processes fortify safety and efficiency

Screenshot of risk assessment type configuration at Scilife's Platform

Manage the full risk assessment process within Scilife - no more Excel!

Finally, there’s no need to upload your risk assessments from external programs like Excel anymore. Create risks directly in our user-friendly Risk Assessment module and push them through the mitigation, review, and approval stages seamlessly.

Screenshot of Linking panel at Risk Assessment Module on Scilife's Platform

Link risk assessments to anything

Link any risk assessment you want to deviations, non-conformities, CAPAs, or audits in our other Scilife modules. Our Risk Assessment module integrates smoothly with other modules, elements, and processes so you have everything in one easy-to-manage central location.

Screenshot of Risk Assessment Methodology on Scilife Platform

Tailor to your needs through total customization

Our module leaves it up to you. Set up manual scoring, or let our module do the heavy lifting by automating the risk score through predefined questions and answers, ideal for optimal objectivity.

Keep on top of recurrent risk assessments

Set up periodic reviews

For peace of mind, easily configure recurring reviews of any risk assessments to ensure these are not forgotten or performed late. Our module has version control in place so you maintain full governance over previous versions of any risk assessment.


Screenshot of Reviews configuration panel on Scilife Platform