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Quality KPI software

Easily track and visualize your progress to make better decisions based on real data

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Illustration that shows a Quality KPI Software | Scilife

What quality KPIs should you measure?

See what’s happening with your quality and compliance by keeping an eye on overdue items, training, and any quality process you need

All your Quality KPIs at a glance

Discover areas for immediate improvement with out-of-the-box key performance indicators.
Illustration that represents the concept of Quality KPI | Scilife

Easily find out areas of improvement and how to tackle them

Streamlined Overdue Task Management

Discover what's late and why. Visualize all your late items over time (late sign-offs, actions, training…), and discover which processes need more attention.

Screenshot of Quality KPI software and the overdue task management | Scilife

Visualize progress with trend analytics

Extract the data and insights you need in a few clicks. Visualize and track your progress, and spot patterns to improve efficiency and performance.

Screenshot that shows the trend analytics of the Quality KPI Software | Scilife

Analyze quality specific processes

Address any issues related to your CAPAs, documents, trainings, events, audits, or change control, by getting tailored and detailed graphs for each quality process.

Screenshot that shows how to analyze quality specific processes with the Quality KPI Software | Scilife

Compare your performance to industry standards

Measure your progress against others with industry benchmarks and find whether there’s room for improvement or you can aim higher.

Screenshot that shows the industry benchmarks of the Quality KPI software | Scilife

Export your data with just one click

All your KPI graphs, tables, and insights can be easily exported in CSV format, ensuring compatibility with external data analysis tools.

Screenshot that shows how to export your quality data using the Quality KPI software | Scilife

Customize the insights according to your needs

Fine-tune the information through data drill-down and filtering. See data on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis, and analyze every detail through clickable graphs.

Screenshot that shows how you can customize your insights using the Quality KPI software | Scilife

Quality KPIs FAQs

What is a typical KPI report in Scilife?

A typical KPI report in Scilife could be a bar chart that shows the number of documents published in a given period.

How can I make a KPI report in Scilife?

In Scilife, you can effortlessly access a suite of predefined KPI reports to provide essential insights. While the current platform does not support creating custom reports, you benefit from a user-friendly selection of reports that provide critical insights, ensuring you have reliable and ready-to-use data to help drive your decisions.

How safe are my KPI reports in Scilife?

All data in Scilife is encrypted at all times, both in transit (between your browser and the platform) and at rest (when data is stored).


Scilife runs in the Amazon AWS cloud, which is still considered the best cloud infrastructure provider according to Gartner’s magic quadrant, and complies according to a plethora of regulations. We encourage you to take a look at it here.


Each client receives their own separate database. Or better yet: each client receives 3 different environments (TEST, VAL and PROD) and for each environment, they get a separate database. In other words, data from different clients is never sitting in the same database.


The Scilife platform runs in a VPC (virtual private cloud), which effectively separates it from the rest of the Amazon AWS clients. The VPC is divided into a 3-tier system: application servers, database servers, and file storage are separated, which makes it easier to scale out automatically when demand increases and therefore ensures a speedy user experience.


Besides the standard automated backups of client data, we use many different Amazon AWS services to ensure data integrity, and application reliability and to have robust disaster recovery mechanisms in place.


Data security and data integrity are aspects that we take very seriously, as we are aware that your business depends on them. And ours too!

Can I limit user access to certain KPI reports in Scilife?

Yes, with the Groups functionality, you can configure which users have access to which reports. This ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to appropriate personnel.

On the other hand, you can control which functionality modules users can see within the KPI dashboard, depending on the specific modules they are authorized to access in Scilife.

Please note that it is not possible to restrict access to specific reports based solely on Groups. Instead, access is managed through module permissions and data visibility settings.

Is there a “read-only” kind of user type?

Yes, there are 4 types of users in Scilife: administrators, managers, regular users, and read-only users. The first 3 user types can edit and participate in the approval workflow, the read-only user type can only read documents and mark them as Read&Understood.

Turn quality into your brightest asset with Scilife

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