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The Complete Training Matrix Toolkit

Plan and manage your company trainings with our template and user guide to keep your team consistent
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iPad with the cover of our Training Matrix User Notes on the screen to illustrate the Scilife free training matrix toolkit

What's inside?

A ready-to-use Training Matrix template
  • Yearly training plan
  • Personnel data table template
  • Training records template
  • Pivot training template
And a User Notes PDF where you'll find useful info:
  • What is a training matrix
  • Why your company needs a training matrix
  • The steps needed to set up an effective training matrix
  • How to use a training matrix correctly

Everything you need to create a Training Matrix

Even if your company only has a small team, a training matrix is endlessly useful. It's a simple yet highly effective tool that enables everyone on your team to stay in the loop on training statuses, in a mere glance.

Once you create your own training matrix using our handy toolkit, you'll not only be able to handle your company-wide trainings more consistently, but you'll also prevent missing or skipping subjects or employees by accident.
In short, a good training matrix manages everything in one place, keeps everyone on track, and helps you ace audits.

Interested in going fully digital?

When the number of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for which employees must be trained gets too high, the complexity of a spreadsheet-based training matrix makes it difficult and costly to maintain manually.
To learn how to maximize the effectiveness of remote-based training for Life Science Companies check out our Trainings Module.
Trainings Module