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Unlocking Digital Transformation for Quality Management

Discover how Scilife’s Smart Quality Platform can revolutionize your organization's digital capabilities and improve productivity



Key pain point
Main challenges in going fully Digital


Scilife Approach


Demo of Scilife's solutions to ease digital transformation in Quality

Q&A Session

In this free Scilife Showcase, we look at the challenges and benefits of going fully digital. Our real-life case study showcases Scilife's approach to digital transformation. Learn how our innovative digital solutions can boost productivity by up to 40%. With 80% of Life Science companies lagging behind in digitalization, this is your chance to get ahead of the game!

Q&A's from the session

Our procedures and QM documents are currently accessible only through document management control. Are there alternative ways to access them?

Yes, there are. While document control provides access, I showcased an event better way during the presentation. You can effortlessly link or interact with documents through various processes. Let's say you have a piece of equipment that requires frequent calibration. You can directly link the calibration procedure to that equipment. So instead of searching through documents, you'll find it readily available right from the equipment interface. The same applies to CAPA plans. If updating a specific document is part of the actions, you can open it directly from the CAPA plan. So, in short, you can access documents from multiple locations beyond document control. And remember, the same convenience extends to trainings, where you can effortlessly read the document without the need to navigate through document control.


Does the system work with Google Docs?

Yes, Scilife’s Smart Quality Platform is compatible with any document editor, including Google Docs. The live editing integration showcased in the demo currently works with Microsoft Office 365 only, however, you can still leverage the power of our system with Google Docs. You'd simply need to download the document, work on it locally, and then upload it back. Except for the live edit functionality, you'll still enjoy the rest of the features like audit trails and version control.


Can you access all document versions, not only approved versions?

It all depends on your role in the document and the permissions assigned to you on the platform. Administrators have access to all document versions, as do authors, reviewers, approvers, and QA. Any other user (apart from Admins), that aren’t directly involved with the document, will only see the latest approved version. We've designed the system to ensure the right level of access for each role, maintaining efficiency and control throughout the process.


Are findings and actions recorded separately, or are they only mentioned in the audit reports?

Our audits solution provides you with the flexibility to record findings and actions separately. You can document and assign responsibilities for each finding, ensuring a systematic approach to resolving issues. These findings will then become an integral part of the audit reports, forming a comprehensive overview of the entire process. So yes, you can handle findings and actions separately, enabling effective investigations and subsequent actions.


Is there a standardized frequency for quality management system assessments within a year?

While it's common to conduct assessments at least once per year, you have the power to tailor this frequency to your organization's unique needs. We understand that each business faces different risks and challenges. Therefore, you have the flexibility to modify the assessment frequency based on your risk assessment. You can establish other periods, such as every six months or even more frequent reviews if necessary. The choice is entirely yours. To ensure consistency, document your decision in the management review document, making it easy to track and adapt to your chosen frequency.

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