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Sergio Mendoza

All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.

Trailblazing new paths to success


A great business development manager is multifaceted in what they do, but also in what they bring to the table. Sergio brings humor, curiosity, an affinity for tech, and a real desire to help - traits that make him the perfect fit for leading Scilife’s sales strategy and guiding the sales team. Add extensive biotech / pharma sales management and business development experience to the mix, and he’s an unstoppable force that we’re lucky to have. In his time outside of work, Sergio hikes and jams on his bass or piano (though not at the same time!). He also feeds his tech passion.Sergio’s open-mindedness has no doubt grown by having lived in uniquely different cultures and countries, which also enables him to be a compassionate leader and coach for his multicultural team. Plus, there’s no better way to connect than laughing together! We look forward to where you’ll take us, Sergio!