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Scilife for Startups

Why startups choose Scilife

Make it easy for everyone to engage with quality processes
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Common hurdles faced by startups


Startups typically have neither the time nor the resources to invest into setting up complex tools to manage quality related processes. What would they? The number of employees and the volume of data is very small anyway!
This causes the implementation of the right tool to be put off to "some day in the future" and instead, they start documenting their processes "on paper", or using MS Word documents and excel files.
The main reason for this decision is the assumption that these tools are expensive and hard to implement.

The Solution

Lack of resources shouldn't be an issue

The different modules in Scilife solve a specific quality, process or product related problem and all modules are optional. You pay per user according to the modules the user has access to. So you only pay for what you use, making Scilife very cost-effective for startups.

Easy setup & implementation

Our "Scilife Onboarding Process" helps you to get started in no time. Our Customer Success team helps you to get setup, trained and provides advice about the last validation steps. All these activities are done in parallel to make sure you are up and running in days, not weeks or months.

Screenshot of Dashboard Panel on Scilife Platform

Pre-validated according to GAMP5

Each module in the Scilife platform has been fully validated on our end. We share the whole validation documentation package with you which serves as a pre-validation on your end. This takes away about 90% of the validation cost and effort on your end.

GAMP5 stamp

Standardised to comply with regulations

Scilife's modules come with standardised workflows which help your team work according to regulation. This makes it very easy to implement.

Screenshot of a Scilife's workflow

Save time to invest in
life-changing solutions

Our all-in-one life sciences platform powers collaboration, lowers risk, boosts performance and accelerates your medical device to market
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