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Starting up is a challenge


When your Life Sciences company is in its infancy, lack of resources can really hold back that initial and vital growth spurt. Having the right tools on hand is a much-needed time and budget saver, but their cost is usually prohibitive to startups. You need a higher budget to invest in tools, but you can only create a profit with those tools. It’s a frustrating catch 22 scenario.

Scilife grows with you

Only pay for what you use

Pick and choose your Scilife modules according to your unique company needs, and only pay for what you use. Start lean and scale up when you feel ready, activating more modules as you grow. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Set up and go

We’re by your side from the very start to guide you and your team through a quick and easy onboarding process. With our unwavering support throughout your entire Scilife journey you’ll hit the ground running so that you can begin improving your Life Sciences processes in no time.

Screenshot of Dashboard Panel on Scilife Platform

Remove validation stress

Validating everything is a time-intensive headache, but an absolute must in the industry. Our modules come fully prevalidated according to GAMP5, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on life-changing science instead. 

GAMP5 stamp

Rapidly align with regulations

Using our standardized workflows in each Scilife module sets your team on the right path to working in a fully compliant manner in no time. Aligning with regulations from the very start is a core requirement in the Life Sciences space, and essential for startups to get right.

Screenshot of a Scilife's workflow

Save time to invest in
life-changing solutions

Our all-in-one life sciences platform powers collaboration, lowers risk, boosts performance and accelerates your medical device to market
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