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Switching systems can be daunting


When you’re an established small to midsize (SMB) Life Sciences company, you normally already have a quality management system in place. It might be in dire need of modernization, but somehow that step up isn’t being made, or keeps getting postponed. For SMBs, change itself is often the main roadblock.
There are a lot of doubts that arise in a company when faced with change; how long will it all take? What about migrating existing data? Will everything need to be validated again? Employees might resist the switch too, citing lengthy retraining or lack of user-friendliness.

Scilife evolves with you


Break down complexity

Scilife is a platform made up of distinct, yet seamlessly connected modules. Each module solves a specific quality concept, and it’s up to you which modules your company should implement. This compartmentalizes processes while still forming smooth workflows, making tasks easier for everyone involved.

Simple for anyone to learn

Any new solution, no matter how transformational, is worthless if it doesn’t end up being used. Scilife utilizes only three universal and simple screen types across the entire platform; list, form, and detail screens. This helps enable quick recognition, understanding, and company-wide adoption of the tech.

Fast-track implementation, training, and data import

Get set up with the guidance of our stellar onboarding experts in moments, and enjoy out-of-the-box functionality right away. We’ll take care of everything, including getting your team up to speed, providing validation documentation, and migrating over your data. What’s more, our support team stays by your side for the continuation of your Scilife experience.


Offload validation

When it comes to validation, SMBs in the Life Sciences space have a lot of work on their hands.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! All our Scilife modules are fully validated according to GAMP5 which serves as a pre-validation on your end.  This takes away 95% of the validation cost and effort and lets your company invest time and resources into advancing life-changing science instead.


Save time to invest in
life-changing solutions

Our all-in-one life sciences platform powers collaboration, lowers risk, boosts performance and accelerates your medical device to market
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