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Jump over common IT hurdles


Inadequate security and backup

The biggest concern for your IT department is undoubtedly security. Without data protection, sensitive information could land in the wrong hands, with potentially disastrous results. Other than that, what if something happens to your server, and all your company data is lost? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Compliance issues

The next worry is aligning with all the compliance regulations, of which there are many in the Life Sciences space. Non-compliance results in hold ups, or prevents your product from reaching the market entirely. There are compliance requirements from a security perspective, also from a regulatory perspective. Regulatory bodies have strict rules on how Life Sciences companies should be handling documentation and validation within their operations and software systems.

Difficult implementation and integration

Software that lacks the flexibility to integrate with external systems and applications is a big time and resource drain for your IT department. Data migration to a new system is often tedious, with little or non-existent customer support from software providers. You’re usually left to face the struggle alone. If your existing apps won't sync up right, you’re left with manually switching between programs, making your workflows unnecessarily convoluted.

Lighten the workload for IT


Screenshot of Scilife's Platform with OWASP and AWS stamps

Robust security and disaster-proof technology

Our security setup offers total peace of mind. Scilife is built on future-proof technology by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), which continues to be the leading cloud service provider according to Gartner.

Our Scilife platform is continuously tested according to the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) to ensure it meets the very highest degrees of security, privacy and compliance our customers, and the sector, expects.

GAMP5 stamp picture

Full compliance and validation

Benefit from a full GAMP5 validation documentation package when implementing Scilife, which saves you 90% of the cost and effort it takes to validate, as well as making it easy to finish validation on your end. We make sure you have an updated validation package for every software upgrade we release as well, for inspection readiness at all times. What’s more, our cloud provider, Amazon AWS, boasts unbeatable compliance standards. In the Scilife platform, data is stored in separate databases for each customer. Additionally, data is stored in the correct Amazon AWS region depending on the customer's geographical location.

Screenshot of contact support panel at Scilife's Platform

Seamless set up and integration

Scilife is a lean and fast SaaS platform that comes equipped with powerful out-of-the-box functionality, so you can get a running start. Implementation is easy, and you can count on our team to be by your side at every step. Integrations to all commonly used external tools are set up in moments, with standard integrations for user management including MS Active Directory or AzureAD available out-of-the-box. If you require further custom integrations, we give access to our RESTful API, and our system integration engineers are on hand to help. Our Scilife platform leverages auto-scaling cloud technology to provide reliable, turbocharged performance. It automatically scales in or out depending on user demand, resulting in a snappy application. Once initial setup is completed, with integrations in place and users onboarded, IT can sit back and relax. The responsibility to keep the system up and running is ours entirely, fully covered by our Service Level Agreement. What’s more, we don’t leave you hanging after onboarding - we’re here when you need us, at any stage in your Scilife journey.

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